[H] 6/6 SSC, 3/4 TK, LF Prot Pala, PvE Server.

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[H] 6/6 SSC, 3/4 TK, LF Prot Pala, PvE Server.

Postby Kathryn » Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:47 am

Greetings fellow members of the Horde!

I represent Wrought from Ruin, a Horde guild on Cenarius (PvE) Pacific Standard Time. In terms of Burning Crusade progression we currently have cleared Serpentshrine Cavern, three out of four bosses in Tempest Keep, and everything prior including world bosses. Our focus at the current time is defeating Kael'thas, pushing into Hyjal and Black Temple, and ridding the world of pants once and for all! ^_~

On that note, we are a guild of players who enjoy the game, get stuff done, and have fun doing it. We foster a fun yet ordered atmosphere that caters to most playstyles. We joke around often, but are serious when it comes to conquering content and playing at our utmost potential. What we're really looking for in applicants are people with viable Raiding equipment (Tier 4/Lvl 70 Crafted equipped at the least) who have high attendance and enjoy PvE and occasional PvP content. If that sounds like you, keep reading.

Our Raid times are traditionally Tuesday – Saturday, 530 PM – 10 or 1030 PM PST.

Our recruitment needs are as follows:

We are looking for:
1 Druid (Feral)
1 Warrior (Protection)
1 Paladin (Protection)

Exceptional applicants of any class will always be considered (and we mean blow our minds hats hit the ceiling exceptional if you're applying for a class listed under "very small chance"). Group applications are perfectly acceptable, but please contact Kromgall, Chiquihuite, or Deebow before submitting to work out the details.

For a brief description of Wrought from Ruin and the Cenarius Server please continue reading, if you’ve heard all you need please visit…


…for our applicant requirements and application format guidelines. Mass submitted applications that do not follow our format will be burned. (it takes ten minutes or less to read our requirements and submit a proper application; if you can't spend that amount of time applying to us, we don't have that amount of time to spend considering you ^_~ ).

Wrought from Ruin was formed in May of 2006. But our veteran Raiding core has been together since the first guilds ventured into Molten Core.

Prior to the release of Burning Crusade, we were the 13th rated Horde Guild in the United States, with 11 bosses down in Naxxramas, and also responsible for a slough of Horde firsts.

If PvP does interest you, there are several arena teams within the guild, and often groups running PvP Battlegrounds on their respective weekends (including AV which is ridiculously fun with 30 coordinated people). We also often coordinate PvP groups with another high end Horde guild on the server.

Thank you for considering Wrought from Ruin and Cenarius. Feel free to contact Kromgall, Chiquihuite, or Deebow on Cenarius Horde with any questions or comments.


Co-Guild Master
Wrought from Ruin

I'm quoting this post from one of the Co-Guild Master of my guild. We need a Pro Prot Paladin. :)
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