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Replace Me

Postby honorshammer » Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:11 am

I got an invite to join a 25 man Raid Guild on my server. Which leaves my current guild short a Tankadin.

This is a guild that knows and values Paladin tanks. They are a "casual" guild, currently working through Karazhan. They may or may not ever do 25 mans. It's a guild of older players with jobs, wives, kids, etc.

Server Time Zone EST
PVP Server
# days you raid 2
Times you raid 9-12
Expected Role Main Tank
Loot system Free Roll

Heroes Inc is a small/medium sized guild on the Altar of Storms server (PvP). We are a mature and low drama bunch that enjoys raids, instances (heroics), PvP, and arena. Most all of our members are older and have family/professional lives so we understand that RL comes before the game. We are currently looking for a couple people to join our group and complete our second Kara team. Please check out our mission satement and fill out an application if you would like.

What we look for:
- People that ARE NOT hardcore. We are a casual guild that likes to do everything in moderation.
- People that are MATURE. We look for people to be 23+ but exceptions are always made.
- People that like to PvP as well as raid.
- Those that are willing to help others in the guild complete quests, instances, and you can expect the same in return.

Heroes Inc:
- Currently has 30+ lvl 70's (we max at about 24 online)
- Raid / PvP between 9:00pm and 12:00pm Eastern (Monday Thru Friday) 6:00 - late (weekends)
- Run Kara once or twice a week and PvP 1-2 nights a week.
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Postby TheCapn » Mon Sep 10, 2007 4:27 pm

Hey, I play on Altar of Storms as well. Too bad you're alliance =(
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Postby corc » Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:30 pm

why don't you continue to run kara with your friends and raid 25 man with your new guild?

looks like you could "casually" join them every week or so :)
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