[A] PvE - Tempest - SW(1/6) - 6-10PST

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[A] PvE - Tempest - SW(1/6) - 6-10PST

Postby jericho » Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:09 pm

We at Tempest are looking for a Paladin tank to fill out our tank roster. We raid 4 days a week with an emphasis on farming Black Temple as well as pushing progression into Sunwell.

We are looking for a decently geared and highly skilled Tankadin to fill out our small core of tanks. Applicants would preferably have experience deep into BT and have most if not all required Hyjal gear as we only do Hyjal on non official raid nights for "fun". An ideal applicant would also have decent holy and/or Raid Ret gear.

Guild Website:


Tempest is an alliance side end game raiding guild on the PvE server Kilrogg. The server has a decent sized population, and 99% of the time has no queue times. We reside in the Bloodlust Battlegroup which affords us to have nice competition from the horde in PvP battlegrounds.

Raid Times:
Mon :6:00pm PST -> 10pm PST
Tues:6:00pm PST -> 10pm PST
Wed :6:00pm PST -> 10pm PST
Thur :6:00pm PST -> 10pm PST

While we are not exclusive to any timezone, our raid times tend to be a good fit for those late nighter US East Coast and US Central players. If you are looking for post raid activities or activities on off days, you have come to the right place as well. Fri-Sun there is usually at least 2-3 separate guild Kara runs as well as ZA both during the week and on weekends. Saturday evenings we are currently hosting raids delving into older content such as SSC/TK and Hyjal. We also usually have either a 10-man or PvP group going after our raids.

We are currently 5/5 Hyjal, 9/9 BT, and 1/6 Sunwell. We are recruiting new members to farm Black Temple and delve deeper into the Sunwell. Currently, we are seeking exceptional players/people:

Not Currently Seeking. However if you believe yourself exceptionally skilled and geared please feel free to apply.

Retribution Paladin (Currently seeking a Retribution Paladin that has thorough knowledge of the class, a decent work ethic and willingness to join in on some fun.)

Currently seeking 1-2 Exceptional healers of any class. We are looking to flesh out our healing corps for the future and would like to take on at least 1 more highly skilled healer. Resto Shaman preferred.

We are currently looking for a non Warrior Tank. We are looking for a well geared individual(s). As we do not regularly clear Hyjal anymore, having the Hyjal pieces is a plus, but not a requirement. Being intelligent and being able to speak on vent are both musts. You will need to be able to push good TPS, be well read on all encounters weeks in advance and have a complete understanding of fight mechanics.

We wish to recruit exceptional players of all classes on a case by case basis. If you think you have the right stuff, please apply.

You are expected to (of course) be level 70 with extensive raid experience. We are not here to "get you gear". Please be well geared and ready to show what you are made of.

Tempest is home to many exceptionally strong players and thinkers. We want to recruit players who love to study their class and find ways to make themselves the best possible for raiding. If this is you, you will fit in very nicely with us.

The guild chat and social atmosphere of Tempest is very tame compared to most guilds. While certainly we do have our R rated moments, you will find that we tend to have a very different, more mature atmosphere than most high end raiding guilds. If you have been looking for a more mature social environment, you may find you fit in very nicely with us.

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