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Maintankadin Code of Conduct (READ BEFORE POSTING)

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 4:19 pm
by Lore
As this site has become more and more popular, the need to lay out some rules for expected behavior has become apparent. Please look over this Code of Conduct before beginning your time as a Maintankadin poster. Thanks!


Be constructive. Above all, Maintankadin is a place where Protection Paladins can come together for discussion in a positive and helpful atmosphere. Please do your best to help maintain that atmosphere by refraining from derailing threads, or posting overly negative complaint or "QQ" posts. Blizzard has acknowledged that they do browse threads here, but they don't post, so if you're looking for a blue response, please do so on the Official World of Warcraft Forums, particularly in the Tanking or Suggestion forums.

That's not to say you can't be silly, or make jokes, or otherwise be lighthearted. In addition, you're more than welcome to disagree with anyone, and hold any opinion you like (although you will be expected to back up your opinions with fact). Please just try and keep a healthy attitude when posting.

Post like this: "I have some concerns about these recent changes."
Not like this: "wow wtf blizz nerfed us again gg, this is a SLAP IN THE FACE"

Be considerate and respectful of others. Everyone plays this game for the same reason - to have fun. This extends to these forums as well. Please try not to be rude or disrespectful to others (no matter how wrong they are). If you must get into an argument with someone, please do so with civility, and with consideration to their viewpoints as well.

Post like this: "I understand your opinion, but I disagree."
Not like this: "You might think that, but that's because you're stupid."

Read stickies, and use the search function. There is a lot of discussion that goes on on these forums, so chances are good that if you have a question, or even just want to discuss a specific topic, it's come up in the past. A lot of times, you can find the answer you're looking for in an existing thread, and if you don't (or have more to add to the discussion), please add it to a pre-existing thread when possible.

Note: There is a very subtle difference between adding to an existing thread and what is known as "thread necromancy", which is frowned upon. Please make sure you're actually contributing something important to the conversation, and that you're not just digging up old and outdated information when you post.

Search first, then post like this: "Does this recent change/other situation affect the findings in this thread at all?"

Once again, search before you post. Even if you're just posting some sort of news (ie: "A blue just posted this" or "New patch notes on the PTR"), please be sure you're not making a duplicate post by searching first.

Here is the sticky for things you are frustrated about.

Here is the sticky for things you have accomplished or are otherwise happy about.

Here is the sticky for introducing yourself.

Any of the above topics does not warrant its own thread.


Posting guidelines

IBTL - IBTL or "in before the lock" posts will be deleted on sight. These posts serve no purpose other than to belittle the original poster, and thus have no place in the Maintankadin community. If you come across a post that you feel should be locked, please send a PM to a moderator, and we will take a look at it. Note: This Includes posts where you try to Be sneaky by hiding it in The post Like this.

NSFW - Maintankadin maintains a work-safe atmosphere. Please respect this by refraining from posting anything (primarily pictures or audio) that could threaten that atmosphere. If you absolutely must post something that is potentially NSFW, post a link to it with a warning.

Note: Posting a warning and then an embedded image several lines later (with the intention that someone would see the warning and then scroll down to see the image) is NOT acceptable. Many companies monitor all traffic, and embedding the image will cause it to load on the reader's computer, even if they don't scroll down to look at it. Furthermore, it makes reading the rest of the thread difficult.

Profanity - A mild amount of profanity is okay, but we ask that you keep it under control. Excessive vulgarity, including racial or sexual slurs, is unacceptable.

Trolling - Will not be tolerated. If the sole purpose of your post is to anger or "bait" someone, it will be moderated.

Ignore Lists - We're glad to have the Friends/Foes feature, and greatly appreciate when users choose to simply place someone on ignore instead of engaging in open flamewars with them constantly. However, in the interest of civility, please keep the contents of your ignore list to yourself.


If your post fails to follow the Code of Conduct, it will be edited or deleted by a moderator. If you continually violate the Code of Conduct, your posting privileges will be revoked.


PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:02 pm
by Lore
"Hey Lore, if I see a post that violates the Code of Conduct, what should I do?!"

Why, I'm glad you asked! Now, before you go huffing and puffing and blowing the internets down, there's a much healthier, more effective, and safer alternative. All you have to do is...

Click The Report Icon!™

That's right, just click the little "Report Post" icon next to the post in question (marked by a "!"), and we'll get in there in a jiffy and clean that mess right up for you. No need to bother yourself with angry ranting in response, just CTRI™ and done!

"But Lore, what if I want to talk to a moderator? How do I pick the right one?"

That's easy! Just take a look at the Forum Listing and you can just click on the name of one of the listed moderators for the forum you wish to discuss.

If you're having trouble getting a hold of the appropriate forum moderator, just send a PM to one of the Global Moderators, Lore, Worldie, or Fridmarr. It's that easy!

"Thanks Lore, you're the best!"