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Theck's Simcraft Thread - WoD/6.x

Warning: Theorycraft inside.

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Theck's Simcraft Thread - WoD/6.x

Postby theckhd » Fri May 30, 2014 7:27 am

Putting this placeholder here now in anticipation of beta happening soon (TM).

I'm getting married Saturday, and will be on my honeymoon for the next week, so with my luck chances are we get beta on Tuesday (also, because W* launch).

If that happens, I'll get all of the usual threads (this one, Call to Arms, probably a mechanics reference thread, etc.) set up and running the following week, probably Monday or Tuesday.

SimC is actually already pretty far along in supporting 6.x beta, at least for our class. I still have to implement Resolve though, and a handful of things for Holy.

My plan for this thread in WoD is for more focused discussion of setting up the sorts of comparisons I've done in the past in MATLAB (either with my own code, or the more recent "automating SimCraft" series of blog posts). Basically, to design the experiments I code and run and compile the latest results (which I'll then blog about, after we've discussed and bugchecked them).

I'm also more than mildly interested in migrating the automation stuff from MATLAB to a more commonly-known and accessible language so that other people (including other classes) can tweak and/or write their own simcraft automation stuff. I'm tentatively thinking Python, but I'm open to suggestions. And would like a lot of help with that, since it's a fair bit of work and I'm already going to be pretty busy this summer.

Locking this thread for now until beta is open and I have time to set up the thread.
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