The timing of Bloodlust, abilities, and trinkets

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Re: The timing of Bloodlust, abilities, and trinkets

Postby theckhd » Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:07 am

Nooska wrote:There is one thing that I think is missing in the "doesn't matter when tol Lust" thinking.
If BL cuts down the fight by a specific amount, which part of the fight to cut down matters greatly. If like Gara'jal the execute phase is also a phase of increased damage output, that makes it more benefiial to shorten that phase of the fight, rather than simply looking at "we have to lust at some point to shave off X seconds of total fight time".

The same reality argument applies to stacking CDs with Lust, if you use your CDs X number of times during the fight, they will shave off Y seconds (across the raid). Where you want to shave off the seconds may matter, and if there is a phase you want to take down asap, then making sure your CDs and Lust is available in that phase will make it end faster.

It's not missing, because that's generally how you approach the choice of lust. The discussion we're referring to was specifically to answer the question of whether or not lusting on the pull makes the fight any shorter than lusting during execute. And the result was, "to first order, no, but strictly speaking it varies from class to class, and lining it up with trinkets/procs (i.e. on the pull,) can often be a larger effect."

The latter ends up driving the former. If you got a huge DPS increase by using lust during execute, you'd have to weigh whether that increase was worth sacrificing to make an earlier "danger" phase shorter. If it's not a large effect either way, then the trade-off is much less significant and you'll feel more free to use lust during the "danger" phase. In general, it's somewhere in the middle - lusting on the pull is often slightly more DPS-efficient because of guaranteed trinket/proc/cooldown coordination, but in practice it's usually the fight mechanics that dictate when it gets used.
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