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A new protection rotation

Warning: Theorycraft inside.

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Re: A new protection rotation

Postby Fetzie » Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:41 pm

How is the comparision between this rotation and the standard CS-filler 939 rotation affected by the T11 2set bonus ("Increases the damage done by your Crusader Strike by 10%")? The modelling in the matlab thread is, from what I can tell, based on gear obtainable prior to raiding, and would therefore not consider the presence of T11 tier equipment. Unfortunately I am rubbish at maths (when I see more than 3 non-numbers in an expression my mind kind of blacks out), but my intuition says that the set bonus would make CS always do more damage that HotR in a single target situation, especially as from what I understand HotR needs the Inquisition buff to be competitive.

Is this the case?
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Re: A new protection rotation

Postby tlitp » Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:08 pm

Pyrea wrote:How is the comparision between this rotation and the standard CS-filler 939 rotation affected by the T11 2set bonus ("Increases the damage done by your Crusader Strike by 10%")?

Raid gear set (but with an ilvl 372 weapon, to further boost CS), both CS/HotR are glyphed :
Code: Select all
physical hit 0%, exp skill 0, Vengeance=1.0
9C9 :  15388
ISH9 : 16349
W1 :   16166
W2 :   16431

physical hit 8%, exp skill 26, Vengeance=0.3
9C9 :  11447
ISH9 : 11160
W1 :   11423
W2 :   11518

The first scenario strongly favors Inq-based frameworks, whist the second is more 9C9-friendly. Long story short, 2t11 is not enough to make 9C9 the undisputed winner. The scaling patterns stay roughly unaltered.

Do keep in mind that the maximum benefit of 2t11, in the regular 9C9, is ~220 DPS (obtained with a fairly overkill setup : hit/exp hardcapped, Veng=1.0). A ~1.1% increase in total output isn't exactly game-breaking. :P
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Re: A new protection rotation

Postby Sinnegorth » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:20 pm

johninnewport wrote:First off I want to thank you for all your work. Not only can I not do this math, I am far too lazy...

I have been applying the basic principles you outlined as well as the rotation. I have successfully cleared all the Heroics and have gear that is average item level 350. I am expertise 26 and hit around 8%.
I have no problem with threat.

I am however disappointed a little bit in the DPS I am putting out. The most I can get to is 7k assuming its a trash pull with multiple mobs and I dont have to use WOG ever.
But more realistically I am in the 5-6k range on bosses and trash. Whereas on those same fights I am seeing DPS from ranged and melee over 8k and as high as 10k. Are you guys experiencing the same thing?

I am experiencing the same thing - there's another prot pally in my guild and we tank together and he usually can hit 7k on a long boss fight - me not so much. He's a little better geared than I am but I think he uses his rotations a bit better. I am using power auras to show both my 3 HoPo proc and also sacred duty. Sacred duty is huge if you can get them in regularly, though its not always possible.
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