Cooldown usage as of 4.0.1

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Cooldown usage as of 4.0.1

Postby blakk » Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:14 pm

How should we be using our cooldowns now? Are they for emergencies or known dangers like they were or should we use them every time they're up? IE: save AD for the Soul Reaper or just mitigate all you can.

It becomes somewhat simpler when we get GAnK. Save it and AD for the "Big Hitters" and use DP every chance we get but as of now we only have two, AD and DP. So that leaves me wondering what the best use of them would be.
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Re: Cooldown usage as of 4.0.1

Postby Neptuno » Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:49 am

assuming you're talking of H:LK?

It occurs every 30s, so you can't use a CD for every one so try supplementing in WoG as makes sense (and consider trinket CDs in this as well).

Normally, you'd look at doing AD so it's off CD sooner, but it's more about timing and when you "need" it. DS when available and if your HP is lower than comfortable for a 50k hit after you've received Soul Reaper debuff, then pop AD. Remember your final CDs when thinking of self-heals: Wings and Lay on Hands. Even Raid Wall for an Infest could be a a pseudo-CD since your raid heals will have less damage to heal through and can help you out.

These are all just the CDs you have (some just to help others help you a few seconds later), but if you're having to go this deep on tricks to stay alive, you should probably have the other tank taunt when you get the debuff, then taunt back once you're through the hit and healed some.
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Re: Cooldown usage as of 4.0.1

Postby Brutalus » Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:19 am

Your cooldown usage should vary based on the boss you're tanking and when (and if) cooldowns are appropriate. For example, if you're offtanking on Lady Deathwhisper 25H you can use your Divine Protection on each set of adds where there's 2 cleavers (the left hand pack) and save AD for when bad things happen. Or say on Saurfang your DP should be ready every time you're tanking and he's at high blood power and is hitting like a truck, etc.

I personally wouldn't go using cooldowns in an attempt to reduce damage taken, unless your healers are just that pressed for mana, but use them (preemptively) to survive when there will be "big hitters". Even if there are no "big hitters", your healers could get bone-spiked, disconnected, picked up, mind-controlled, vile-gassed, malleable goo'd, forced to move, killed, etc. so I'd lean more towards saving them for those kind of moments.

With AD on a longer cooldown and clickable now, it's also ever more important to use your Divine Protection BEFORE the massive damage comes, rather than seeing your life drop to 10% from the initial Soul Reaper tick and deciding it's probably a good idea.

On the subject of Soul Reaper, when our druid tank isn't around and I'm maintanking I did:

00:00 - Ardent Defender
00:30 - Divine Protection
01:00 - Pain Suppresion
01:30 - Divine Protection
02:00 - Guardian Spirit
02:30 - Divine Protection
03:00 - Ardent Defender

...and repeat.
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Re: Cooldown usage as of 4.0.1

Postby Cylora » Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:45 pm

Has anyone checked if Divine Guardian does anything for the paladin himself? I know what the tooltip says but at least you get the buff. And I tried it in a duel with flame shock on me and it definitely reduced the ticks but maybe that is just so it is not useless talent when you are alone or something. So right now I'm working under the assumption that it does indeed work for us and use it as a Tank CD if I need it.
I will try to confirm it next time I'm tanking something that has a DoT or a steady aura.

So on LK I did

DP - Trinket+DG - DProt - AD - DP - Trinket+DG - Painsub - etc.
DP and AD work long enough to cover the initial damage of Soul Reaper and almost all of the 100% haste phase. DG does not, so I use Sindragosa's Flawless Fang for the initial damage.

On other bosses, if I use a CD for precaution, I usually use DP first because of the lower CD. If I use a CD to save me from dieing 20% DP doesn't really cut it, so I prefer AD.
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Re: Cooldown usage as of 4.0.1

Postby KysenMurrin » Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:52 pm

DG affecting the Paladin and not the raid is on the known issues list on the official forums.
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