Reforging for 4.0.1 (Icecrown)

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Re: Reforging for 4.0.1 (Icecrown)

Postby Pallatine » Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:13 pm

theckhd wrote:Just checking the math for Khira's statement:

H = hit size
A = Avoidance
B = Block

Damage taken = H(1-A-B)+0*A + 0.7*H*B = H(1-A-0.3*B)

Now trade avoidance dA for block dB:


Diff=DT'-DT=H-HA+HdA-0.3HB+0.3HdB-H+HA+0.3HB = H(dA-0.3*dB)

Thus, you take less damage if the avoidance you lose is less than 0.3 times the block% you gain.

Assume 10 of each stat. Mastery is fixed at 45.906 rating per point of mastery, and each point gives us 2% block. 10 mastery therefore gives us 0.43567% block, and we'd need 10 parry to give us less than 0.1307 avoidance for the trade to be worthwhile.

According to the matlab model, that occurs when you have 931 parry rating, or 21.21% parry on your character sheet.

It's the same calculation for dodge, but since we have more base dodge it comes out to 21.6% dodge on your character sheet. To get that in rating, you need to assume a particular level of agility buffs, so it's probably just easier to work in percentages.

Bringing this up again since it changed, again.

With holy shield (except for possibly the first few seconds of a fight, this should always be up) will be blocking 40% instead of 30%.

10 Mastery now gives: 0.49013 % block.
10 Parry would have to give less than .19605 avoidance for the trade to be worthwhile.

EDIT: Which is the exact same number as the 3% Block per mastery change. Reposting Theck's response to my original question so that the answer can be here:

theckhd wrote:In any event, that change would push the crossover down to 10.06% parry, which is less than you'd have just due to base+strength. You get 5% base, and it only takes 1103 strength to get the 238 parry rating necessary to reach 10.06%.
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