TPS Threat on Trash

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Re: TPS Threat on Trash

Postby towelliee » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:47 am

PsiVen wrote:I'm not sure how hard Halion hits on hardmode, but I noticed pugging 25-man on my druid that the tanks going into the phase 2 transition were always low, and a swiftmend crit would rip aggro if they weren't fast enough. You should be responsible for preventing that sort of thing, but I don't think you can prevent a paladin LoHing you with RF up from being a problem. Cooldown it if you expect nasty damage on the transitions.

Even if you're getting TPS troubles, I wouldn't cut 2/2 PoJ for an extra 1% crit. That's just going to slow you down on trash. Odds are the DPS you're running with are going nuts on trash, blowing out the AoE as hard as possible. But aside from the officers telling you it's a problem, have you noticed people pulling aggro or getting killed on trash pulls?

Well some of the changes I have made:

- Put back my 2% Threat Parry Armsman
- On trash I run with dual spec 3/5 reck with Gutbuster along with Death's Verdict and Greatness Card.
- I noticed I am being tricks and MD'd A LOT more. Maybe it took them a while to get accustomed to me I dunno
- Spec'd into SoCommand for trash in that Dual Spec as well
- Food buff for Strength
- Set up a simple clique Shift + right click on Grid for Righteous Defense

I recently Tanked LK HM 25 and did not have any extreme Threat issues. Although I was being caught up to by our Hunter but nothing close.

I definitely need a BVB 277 to drop or least Last Word 277
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