Defense Rating for Non-standard Situations

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Defense Rating for Non-standard Situations

Postby PaxDefender » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:25 am

Allow me to include the usual disclaimer that I am sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but that I have searched and been unable to find the information.

First off, the goal of my questions: Design of an ideal tanking gear set for tearing through past content. I have been going through old instances as a duo with a healer trying to get rare mounts to drop. I can go Ret, but then a badly timed stun or fear can lead to a wipe even at our high gear levels. When I go Prot, I can solo the content, and being with a healer just makes it slightly faster and safer. I have played with various options: Prot spec with Ret gear but sword and shield, Prot spec with BV gear, Prot spec with mixture of Ret and Prot gear. All in a search for the most DPS and survivability.

I believe I have two questions.
1. How is defense rating calculated versus mobs that are below your level?
2. What level are ?? bosses in past content.

Everything I read on defense rating and required levels talks about mobs which are either 82 or 83. But what about mobs which are 62? Do we subtract the required rating just as we added it for higher levels? If I wear my full raid gear, I take essentially no damage, but if I could swap defense out for Ret gear I should be able to increase DPS and keep the same low damage as long as I know what defense I need for each level of enemy. In the same way, I could equip stamina and defense in my Ret spec to make an uncritable Retadin. But for either case I need to understand how to calculate what stats a level 80 requires against lower mobs.

By the same token. Everything about ?? bosses refers to them as being level 83 (or 82). Just as in TBC they were level 73. What is never been clear is if that is tied to the instance at all. Are the bosses of Kara actually level 73 and just come up as ?? for spooky effect, or if I go in there as an 80 they have the attack table of a level 83? Does that mean that assuming you were allowed in as a level 65 the bosses would be level 68? Is this figured out on an attack by attack basis, so when Hakkar turns to attack the level 80 he is a level 83, but then turns to attack the 74 and becomes a level 77?

I think it would be an odd mechanic that as you get higher level the older bosses still require more stats for the same level of interaction. Obviously their damage values don't scale, but it would be helpful if I didn't have to maintain 540 defense for old content.

Anybody done any research on this? Thanks.
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Re: Defense Rating for Non-standard Situations

Postby Grehn|Skipjack » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:32 am

For mobs with a definite level, you simply work backwards. For mobs that are level 62, you need 435 Defense Skill. For a level 72 mob, you need 485 Defense Skill. For a level 82 mob, you need 535.
Boss mobs(??) are never lower than their intended level, but scale up for attack table purposes. This means Ragnaros is never below level 63, but you still need 540 defense to remain uncrittable against him at level 80, because he'd be considered level 83.
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Re: Defense Rating for Non-standard Situations

Postby PaxDefender » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:40 am

Thanks. So the answer is the straight forward and obvious one, but also the annoying one. Of course if a level 60 instance raid boss is criting for 2X joke damage, it hardly matters. It may well be the difference in survivability in these cases has more to do with the mitigation of block and armor versus such small hits than either avoidance or crits. In the same manner having a health pool as large as the boss means the non-mitigated damage isn't scary either. Perhaps I will try using my Ret spec and gear with a selection of my highest stam/def pieces.

Sadly, I need progression ready Prot and Ret specs, so I can't create a tailored hybrid to give me stam and avoidance bonuses along with large DPS.
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Re: Defense Rating for Non-standard Situations

Postby Thels » Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:43 am

Default crit chance is 5%, assuming you have 5 defense skill per the mob's level.

Say a lvl 80 mob is hitting on you, and you have 400 defense, then there's a 5% chance that the mob will crit you.

Every defense point more reduces the crit chance by 0.04%. Every defense point less increases it by 0.04%.

So you need an additional 125 defense skill to negate the base 5% chance, and an additional 15 defense skill to match the raid boss' +3 levels.

So to be crit immune against a mob of lvl n, your defense skill must be 5*n + 125. For a lvl 62 mob, it would be 5*62 + 125 = 435 defense.
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