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Postby Dynaheir » Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:22 am

4) The PvP mechanics would go to hell if Pallys get an anti-silence ability... Tho I know how much it sucks when tanking.. Don't see an easy way out of it

5) I always thought Blizz would buy my earth-shock effect for it if HoJ is resisted / target immune.

7) DS and LoH suffice my panic-button needs so far..
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Postby Suikano » Wed Oct 03, 2007 9:22 am

This post is purely coming as a devil's advocate, I played a warrior back during WoW release, I've played most other classes to some level but I took a large amount of time off and came back to the game in February or March of this year to start leveling a paladin. This is my only character above level 60, I leveled as trispec focused on holy, (ugh), I switched to protection late in level 66, I've been reading this board for about a month and a half. [/disclaimer]

Everyone wants their class to be better, everyone is looking at someone else's role, and wants to be able to not only do it, but do it better.
Our basic problem AS I'VE SEEN IT DESCRIBED, not as I've experienced it:
We run into a wall starting with the 25 man TBC raid content (as tanks).

Primary issue related to this is that we die faster than other tank choices, we lack raid utility, and encounters are tuned to our weaknesses when we are main tanking.

Issues with fixing/adjusting us: pre 25 man TBC raid content, we're beasts, we're the kings of aoe threat, our dps while tanking is higher than an equivalently leveled and geared dps class (depends on situation I grant), we can solo grind / farm better than anyone else. We own the trash aoe in the high end content, and I haven't even touched on pvp balance.

When the devs look to fix us, they have to find a way to deal with the primary problem(s) that exist, our comparitive viability in high end raid content, and our flexibility in pvp. Now clearly, we're seen as "functioning as intended" as healers, with 2.3 our ret will be "functioning as intended", and protection is most likely pve-wise mostly in line with what they wanted, anything proposed is going to have to not disrupt pvp, and not enhance us pre raid content, that's a hard line to walk, what it suggests to me, is that they need a fix for us only once we're at the raid content, which is itemization, rather than talent based. This isn't the fix I want, my play time is too limited to ever be a full time raider, but ultimately that means I get what I get, and as much as I hate relying on gear, that may just be what we end up getting stuck with.

What the devs are most likely looking at is
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