Tankadin Spreadsheet for determining Diminishing Return Loss

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Tankadin Spreadsheet for determining Diminishing Return Loss

Postby Etherel15 » Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:47 pm

This is my first major contribution to the site, so be kind. With the changes to Dodge and Parry, as well as the need to regem my gear after the JC only gems became non prismatic, I went through a lengthy process of trying to determine what I should gem for to minimize Diminishing Returns lowering my avoidance. It was a real pain calculating it all out. I vowed to make a tool that would allow me to quickly input a few defense stats and immediately get information on avoidance changes as well as detailed information on Diminishing Return losses as well as the speed they were diminishing. So I came up with this spreadsheet.

TL;DR version:
Plug in your avoidance ratings. The spreadsheet will tell you how much of each avoidance your losing to DR, what percentage of that total stat is being lost to DR, as well as your total avoidance. You can also add additional rating and see how much those extra stats are affected by diminishing returns, as well as your new total avoidance and the overall difference. Finally, after plugging in extra avoidance ratings, a box at the bottom will break down how much avoidance you got per rating. Great for determining which of two pieces of near identical gear is better, or for deciding whether that +def, +parry, or + dodge gem is going to be better.

This spreadsheet, after plugging in your values for Defense Rating, Dodge Rating, Parry Rating, and agility (as well as allowing you to customize wether you want Buffs to be calculated in) will spit out your Dodge, Parry, and Miss percentages before and after DR, and will also tell you how much of your total avoidance stat is being lost to DR, thus allowing you to at a glance to determine which stat is suffering most, or least, from DR. Also, you can add (or subtract) more ratings, and it will calculate exactly how much more avoidance those changes bring, how much those changes are suffering from DR, and as a nifty benefit, after putting in additional stats, a box at the bottom will break down how much avoidance you're gaining per point of Defense/dodge/parry rating or agility! This should immediately give you information on which stats will give the most (or least) avoidance due to Diminishing Returns.

(Wrote it in Office 2007, saved it in 2003 format, but not 100% sure of its compatibility--Google docs returned errors in all the boxes that it did not know the command =IMSUM (Summation of complex numbers), so I apologize if this doesn't work for you--I'm not an excel whiz!).

How to use it:
(First, never change ANYTHING on sheet 2 unless you know what your doing!!)
There are 3 series of green boxes in the spreadsheet. Fill in the top series listed "Beginning stats" and put in all your unbuffed Agility, Defense Rating, Dodge Rating, and Parry Rating (RATING, not skill!). Then select your race (Sorry BE's, I don't know your base stats, so yours will be off--if someone could tell me base agility/dodge/parry when naked I'd be appreciative!). Next you may go to the bottom green box and choose Yes or No for any of the buffs you'd like added in (Note, if you choose Improved Mark of the Wild, make sure you also choose Mark of the Wild or it will throw off calculations--Same with Strength of Earth and improved Strength of Earth totem!).

Once you put in that information, calculations will start. "Beginning" box will show stat break downs of all your avoidance based off the data you just input. Before Diminishing Returns, After Diminishing Returns, amount of avoidance lost to Diminishing Returns, and what Percentage of Before Diminishing Returns avoidance was lost due to Diminishing Returns. The next box over "Beginning Avoidance Stats" just lists your avoidance stats (with base Miss, Dodge, and Parry already added as well as 5% from deflection and Avoidance unless your BE).

Now, you can fill in that middle green row of boxes under "additional stats". When you add values into these boxes, data will appear in the "Additional" box showing you how much total avoidance (in Block Parry and Miss) you gained, how much of that gained avoidance was lost due to Diminishing Returns, and the percentage of the gained avoidance that was lost to DR. The box below that called the "New Total" box shows you your overall new avoidance totals, and recalculates your total losses to Diminishing Returns.

At the bottom is one more box called "Average Avoidance Per Rating Gained:" what this does is take the additional changes you made to your stats, and calculates the average amount of Avoidance you get per point for that additional Rating (or agility). This box took me a long time to write out, as I had to isolate how much DR was occouring to each Avoidance stat depending only on changes in rating (which gets messy when you change multiple values like both Dodge AND defense rating). Its fairly accurate and leans on the side of caution (shows slightly more Diminished Returns rather than less). As long as you don't throw in huge numbers such as 1000 Parry Rating and 1300 Defense rating, it should do its purpose as a tool to compare ratings with fair accuracy.

Little Extra Information:
I Tested this spreadsheet on my own character (of course) as well as 2 other Paladins, a dwarf and a Draenei, and came up with very accurate numbers. In general, the avoidance stats are accurate up to a couple 1/100th's of a percent. The Avoidance shown on the spreadsheet and the one on your character sheet will differ ever so slightly (like 23.46% compared to 23.48%). They're just errors in rounding that occur with complex numbers, and with very detailed coefficients.

I Gathered almost all my data off the tables from http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f63/4000 ... dance.html so much thanks and gratitude goes out to Whitetooth and Satrina for that invaluable information.

I tried VERY very hard to be as precise and detailed as possible. When using Defense rating, I truncated all Defense Skill Values, and when adding Defense Rating, I used the full value and then re-truncated so every last point of defense rating is accurate. I always trancate the possible decimal places in agility if BoK was used. I made sure to isolate differences in what things were and were not succeptable to DR (such as base agility). I was AS Picky as possible everywhere I could think, and I'm very certain of the accuracy of this spreadsheet (it has a 100% track record the 3 times it was used).

Please, any comments questions suggestions would be appreciated (as well as BE base stats)!
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