Dodge/Parry cap before DR

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Re: Dodge/Parry cap before DR

Postby Lightstrike » Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:19 pm

I realise I may have been offtopic with regards to the OP, but I was referring the topic theck linked and the graphs within.
The graphs show a steady curve in each instance, if I am interpreting them correctly, they show dodge rating vs defense rating to find an optimum for total avoidance. I'm asking whether the calculations for def in the graph includes the extra avoidance it provides with block or not.
If it does include block, then defense is surely over-valued in the graph.

Using my stats I posted above, I arrive at the following conclusion:

+16 dodge rating = 0.2675333% dodge
+16 parry rating = 0.2147292% parry
+16% def rating = 0.0791649% dodge + 0.0794986% parry + 0.06415306% miss totalling 0.22281656% avoidance in total.

So with my given ratings it is still dodge > defense > parry.

If block is included in the calculations, you can add a further 0.08% onto its value and it becomes over 0.3% per 16 rating which surpasses dodge.

Edit: looking at the graph and plugging numbers into my formulae... using the 3500 rating curve as a base as you should be over 102.4% in this case.. it seems that 1850 rating are in def and 1650 in dodge for the maxima line..

I get the optimum to be (in the case where you have 3500 rating to spend).. 1992 defense rating to 1508 dodge. Providing a total of 55.621% avoidance. 1.321:1 ratio

Using 2500 as a base, 1392 defense to 1108 dodge is optimum. = 1.256:1 ratio

Plugging in my total rating available gives me 822 defense to 778 dodge as optimal, this is considering rating points in parry.

Plugging in my total rating ignoring parry gives me 664 defense, 662 parry as optimal for avoidance, problem being that you need 708 for def cap. Therefore the best one available is 728 def, 598 dodge... providing 52.94335% avoidance, currently im 52.9333%, so we are talking fractions of percentages.

Its important to note that it isn't a smooth curve when you get to optimums, it zigzags every 5 points of def gained/lost due to the flooring of the def conversion, so obviosuly it's best to stick to whole values of defence, or as near as possible..

Seems according to my spreadhseet that as we get into higher numbers of avoidance rating, defense starts to become much more powerful, I'm still trying to find out where it starts to outshine dodge.. bear with me.
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Re: Dodge/Parry cap before DR

Postby jere » Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:44 pm

Well block isn't really considered avoidance, so I am guessing he didn't include it.

EDIT: After rereading Theck's post, he said that he did not include block, so it shouldn't be over-valued.
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Re: Dodge/Parry cap before DR

Postby theckhd » Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:25 pm

jere wrote:EDIT: After rereading Theck's post, he said that he did not include block, so it shouldn't be over-valued.

Just for the record, the post with the graphs isn't mine, it's harlekin's. I just dug it out of the depths with the search function.
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