Opinions about Darkmoon card:Greatness

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Re: Opinions about Darkmoon card:Greatness

Postby Spite » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:15 am

unless its a very intensive hitting hard mode, or just that little more stam will make or break my survivability, I tend to run this more often then not. Alot of good points in here are made, but I have to say the threat burst and overall sustained threat from this card make it very nice, especially when u have some serious dpsers in your group who can push 7k dps on average 25s. The biggest advantage I see with this card is when u get basically all Ulduar 25 gear, there isn't very much BV/threat gear thats ideal for most encounters. So this is a nice throw in for more threat as your dpsers get more and more tps, especially encounters such as hodir hard mode, general vezax crashes etc. As I moved from Tier 7 to Tier 8 content my dodge and block/BV basically swapped in which one was higher. Try it out, worse case you don't like it, it makes a mean trash trinket, ret trinket, and prot pvp trinket.

I love this card for arena (2293 prot/ret/resto druid ;) ) makes my ShoR melt casters faces in those o so sweet proc moments. I have to say as well though that I do have really good gear so having this as one of my trinkets and heart of the iron as the other on the majority of fights I can afford to not have the avoidance or health trinket in place. I also would credit my healers for doing there job well. And I know my dps loves my tanking threat over the other tanks (DK, Warrior) because they can basically unleash hell from the second im within melee range.

But its just personal preference really, I carry almost 2 20 slot bags worth of prot gear, FR gear etc. To off switch and switch specific pieces of gear around when needed.

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