Stumped about threat

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Re: Stumped about threat

Postby Rachmaninoff » Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:05 pm

theckhd wrote:Gear-wise, you seem fine. Could use some upgrades from Ulduar, but you're not doing anything particularly wrong that I can see. Your expertise is at around 11 and hit is 163, both of those are acceptable values. More hit wouldn't hurt, but again, don't bother gemming for it. Accuracy on your weapon would be a fair upgrade though. You could move from Dodge/Stam gems to Agi/Stam gems if you wanted to; you lose a little bit of dodge to gain armor and crit by doing so. There's a thread discussing it here.

More importantly, I'll echo the suggestions about your spec. You may want to read over this post, which analyzes the threat per talent point of most of our important threat talents. It shows that Crusade is our third-best threat talent by a pretty wide margin (One handed weapon specialization and Touched by the Light are #1 and #2). Conviction is tied with Seals of the Pure for 4th place, and Reckoning is distantly in last place.

Alright changed spec.... as far as the gems go I'm gonna stay with what I've got for now, maybe swap one out.... also I have glyph for expertise puts me at 21...

I also have different neck that gives more str, bv, and br.... lose hit tho... and the only reason I have the hit is cause I'm drastically below cap... w/o gems it and the other neck it puts me down to 105, don't you think that's too low? let me know... thanks!
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Re: Stumped about threat

Postby Fridmarr » Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:15 pm

I wouldn't worry about the gems, if you get a new item and want to go with agi/stam instead that's one thing, but changing them isn't worth the time and effort. You'll get more threat, but only by a small, almost certainly imperceptible amount when you are taking about just 2 gems.

Your hit isn't too low, there isn't a threshold that needs to be held like with having 540 defense. If the strength + Block value advantage are enough to produce more threat than that hit, then they are the better option as far as threat goes. I don't have your armory though, so I don't know the difference in the values to make a suggestion.

I'd start with that spec change and see how that feels, fine tuning 2 gems and 1 piece of gear can add on a little more, but it won't have the impact of the spec change.
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