Hand of Sacrifice / Divine Sacrifice Mechanics

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Re: Hand of Sacrifice / Divine Sacrifice Mechanics

Postby majiben » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:52 pm

The sapphron fight greatly appeals to testing this imo. If you have access to a 4 wing cleared naxx run that no one is using his constant aura ticks and even better his Ice bomb allows for testing of a multitude of Divsac's characteristics.
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Re: Hand of Sacrifice / Divine Sacrifice Mechanics

Postby Maat » Fri Jun 12, 2009 3:34 pm

I don't really want to post the entire log file chunks, but glancing at our last Hodir 10 on Monday, we generally have our ret paladin DG the second Frozen Blows, and it lasted the entire 10s duration and maintained the absorb effect during the entire duration. The net raid amount absorbed was weeeeelll over 150% of our ret paladin's max hp, but no one personally had more than 20k net absorbed(which was me tanking, of course). From a random log of Hodir25 during the holy paladin's DG, it lasted the full 10s duration, absorbing 28.5k total from me.

On the other hand on Mimiron25, Divine Guardian typically procced at most 4 ticks of Plasma Blast out of 6 total, occasionally it absorbed up to 5 if I got lucky avoiding his melee swings. Once it capped out presumably at the ret paladin's 150%, Divine Guardian was completely removed from the rest of the raid, usually 4-5 seconds in per plasma blast.

Interestingly enough, the amounts absorbed were almost always 9484 or 11000 (DG+Sacred Shield) or 12500ish (DG+PW:Shield). However, Sacred Shield alone absorbs 2600-2700ish, and our priest's PW:Shield 4800. This leads me to believe that the damage absorbed by Divine Sac is not strictly limited to the 150% hp cap, e.g. if the tank has taken 149.999999999999999% hp damage of the DG caster, the next strike will be effective 30% absorb regardless of the amount.

To me it appears it works this way:
1) Divine Guardian's 150% hp cap applies to each person in the raid independently.
2) Once the 150% hp cap is reached by one person, Divine Guardian is removed from the entire raid.
3) Divine Guardian's 150% cap is a threshold - as long as the highest net damage absorbed has not yet exceeded 150% of the caster's HP, it will continue to absorb the full 30%.

I haven't really looked at HoSac, but I'm assuming it works similarly?
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