Responsiveness and Alertness

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Re: Responsiveness and Alertness

Postby Chasey » Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:28 pm

Gotta say great thread! I love the tips and the fact there has been very little bashing of the OP. I too at times have trouble picking up the dashing mob, Not because I don't see it in time or don't know what to do but I often have trouble targeting.
I learned tanking and got good on a computer that had 6FPS and now have a system that is a WHOLE lot better so by that alone I've become a better tank.
I still have trouble targeting thou so alot has been reactionary, after close to a year tanking I am just now getting comfortable enough with predicting what is going to happen but I still do have my "oh shit" moments.
I usually MT KT and add tank Sarth's adds, I was tasked w/doing the other last week and felt outta place but instictually I felt it went great just because I knew the fight the other way. Tenenbrau's adds are trickey at times but can be handled if you can predict whats gonna happen a bit.
I love this comment or set of comments:
The one most important rule for any tank in a busy fight is preparation as has been mentioned.

If you can answer these questions, you know you're in good shape:

1) WHEN is the bad thing going to happen?
2) WHO is the bad thing going to happen to?
3) WHERE is the bad thing happening?

This is something I will repeat in my head for fights to come.

I know I didn't add much here but I just wanted to say great thread and I really enjoy the helpfulness of this community. :D
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Re: Responsiveness and Alertness

Postby 2ndNin » Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:07 pm

theothersteve7 wrote:I did Halls of Lightning when I was a fresh 80 to get the Seal of the Pantheon, and my healer was a level 78 tree. We one-shotted Loken. He had some level 70 PVP gear on and I think a PVP title.

I wait to judge someone in PVP gear, now.

The big thing I'm getting out of it is target switching. I've unbound tab targeting, and if there's a particularly bad cluster I use target of target.

A quick comment on whelps for Sarth - our holy priest usually picks up aggro when they spawn, and he's healing the Sarth tank. He fades before they get to him, and that leaves the whelps flying across the entire fight zone... quite easy to pick up. Personally I usually have more trouble with the flame spawns during the second drake.

Judging pvp gear is like judging anything else, if you have a great player who has gear 50% better (50% better throughput in effective healing, damage or whatever tanking measure you want), and a 66% activity time / time on target, then if that bad player gives 100% his effectiveness is higher. Of course it rarely is so cut and dry but as a tank that did heroics with terrible gear, and had no complaints levelling the first time but with better gear I did it is so often more an attitude of a group wishing to be carried than a real performance issue (and yes I have run heroics with: a 600 dps rogue [with glaives], a 428 dps lock [in blue levelling gear], a 1200 dps warrior, its not fun but its doable, though I have no idea how a rogue / lock does such low damage even 1 button spamming).

Tab targetting, don't unbind it. Mastery of the tab key (its a selection cone you can easily manipulate to target any enemy you want quickly) is a good skill, ignoring it is like taking HotR off your keyboard because it doesn't feel like a paladin skill. Make use of any and all tricks you can find.

And don't let your priest fade, his aggro = easy pickup.
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Re: Responsiveness and Alertness

Postby masterpoobaa » Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:41 pm

I have to say tanking sarth + drakes has been good for my skills training.
Being the only pally im always on adds duty, probably one of the busiest spots on the raid.

picking up adds, keeping adds infront of you, looking out for voids and failwalls, trying to spot new adds that appear amidst all the carnage. fun. (if stressful)
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Re: Responsiveness and Alertness

Postby toothdecaykills » Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:27 am

Keep in mind that 3.1 has introduced Exorcism on every mob making it an extremely useful tool for instant snap threat. You often times need to remind yourself of what the raid should be doing while you're off gathering new friends. In most cases, they truly shouldn't be producing much threat on them, so try to prioritize your abilities so you don't find yourself having to pick up multiple targets nearby, but you don't have many tools because you were going all out in those that you've already gathered.

Also, another 3.1 reminder, the extra points gained from a slimmer Protection tree can be invested into Pursuit of Justice (at the cost of 2% crit, assuming a 0/53/18 Crusade build).
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Re: Responsiveness and Alertness

Postby discerpo » Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:28 pm

Sarkan-ZdC wrote:How to make it easier:

- Improve you're camera distance. There is a small script:

/console set cameraDistanceMaxFactor #

i got that from someone in my guild and it was a massive help, also keep in mind just because you run around w/ the camera behind you dosnt mean you have to tank that way.

all my abilities are key bound so im free to look/move with my mouse, im always looking around while im tanking.

Just make sure to keep tabs on what type of area your in. for Freya's area i tend to zoom in a little bit due to the tree branches and other clutter in the area.
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