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Postby khash » Thu Aug 30, 2007 1:42 pm

we use 1 only pally to heal me, he is also standing far enough away so that he never gets tombed. if MT healers get tombed they call on vent so the remaining ones know to step up the healing

stock block rating/value for this fight and you really wont take much damage, i have to keep a shadow priest in my group to make sure i have enough mana for the 3 HL/cons opener each time, around 300 spell damage and theyll all come running to you after 3 HLs pretty much no matter where you stand in the room

i have a fraps of using the old strat of tanking them next to him and luckily in the video the only times i get tombed are after i have aggro on them all so they still head for me while being aoe-d, but many fights using that strat weren't so lucky and i would get tombed right before they came or mid cast on the first or second HL
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