Reckoning and Parries

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Postby Fridmarr » Tue Sep 18, 2007 12:32 am

Klimpen wrote:
I took 251 swings, 23 of them were from reckoning.

Just thought I'd highligh this, That's a 10% increase in attacks, 2% per point.

Neither WEx or Precision offers this increase in attacks, both offering ~1% per point.

Imo, Reckoning is one of the stronger talents in Prot for increasing threat. The additional damage taken through Parries isn't significant, imo.

Well it's true that reckoning is one of our best talents in prot for increasing threat, but that doesn't necessarily make it all that significant either. Case in point, in that Gruul fight you point out that I got about 10% more attacks, however, 10% more attacks does not equal 10% more threat. In this case, SoR + Melee came out to about 30% of my threat caused by damage (not counting threat from power gains, SA, and healing), so you are looking at an overall gain of roughly 3% at best from reckoning.

Now, you suggest that WE offers about half of that threat, so you are looking at a difference of 1.5% threat total, and for some perspective, there's a glove enchant that you can get that increases threat by 2%. Now it's unclear at best what the effects of WE actually are on being parried. However, I think we'd all agree to the fact that all things being equal, we'd like to take less parries. While things aren 't exactly equal they are pretty darn close, if it was determined that WE did in fact reduce the rate of incoming parries, there's a very strong case to put points there over reckoning.

As it is now, I was parried 36 times, so lets assume 3 of those came from reckoning, I'm already looking at risking extra burst damage 3 additional times in that fight for 1.5% more total threat, and that's if WE has no effect.
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