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Postby Fridmarr » Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:50 am

Lowgrus wrote:So thats what block value does haha I always just thought it was useless. Well in a way I guess it kind of is other than to be uncrushable I just always prefer more dodge. So from what I'm understanding block value is how much damage you reduce when you block? Like if a mob hits you for 2k normally and you have say 700 block value and you block it will hit you for 1300? Also does block rating/value or whatever it is also add to your percent chance to block? If so I'll definitly be getting auto blocker 600 until I get my moroes lucky pocket watch.

God I love this sight you learn so much. I mean the only thing that makes me a good tank right now is my gear. I just do tons of heroics and rock at doing them so I'm overgeared for stuff like Kara but I swear I dont know jack about tanking.

It only effects the amount of dmg you block, not your chance to block. However, with improved holy shield you will likely block every single damaging hit (assuming you are uncrushable with just holy shield). At that point, the mitigation provided by block becomes rather significant. It is also factored in after other mitigation, so it works hand in hand with increased armor (Unlike Blessing of Sanc).
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