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Who's next?

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Who's next?

Postby palouf » Fri May 16, 2008 1:02 am

Hi all,

I'm GM/MT of a casual guild.
I've never thought a day we could manage to do 25 mans ( as gathering 25 casual raiders is pretty hard ) but it seems that encounters pulled more and more players.
We have kara on farm since 2/3 months or so and we're running just one group to improve their gear.
We downed HKM at first try and Grull last week on second try on him.
We got 10/15 well geared players T4 + max badges + 2 zull bosses/chest and the rest is still at second kara part level.

My question is as we'll be doing 25 mans twice a week, what can we do next after farming grull ? Maggy ( is it really worth going ) ? Ssc ? Tk ?
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Postby Ardraaken » Fri May 16, 2008 1:15 am

Maggy's been nerfed to hell and back so he's ridiculously easy now. You should be able to one-shot him with very little trouble... he'll only take your guild about 20 mins once you know what you're doing so will slot in nicely with farming GL (which you can do in about 30 mins) and he drops a fair ammount of epic loot.

After that you can go for Lurker and start working on SSC - he's the easiest of all the T5 bosses so is easily farmable. Morogrim can be done after that if you've got a few +healing items you can equip for tanking the Murlocs and 8 healers as he's pretty straightforward once you know the tactic. After that you'll probably need to get a bit more dedication to raiding SSC cos you'll need to farm for Frost and Nature Tanking Resist gear on Hydross and Warlock Fire Resist gear on Leotheras.

After Lurker/Morogrim you could make your way to TK and farm Void Reaver / High Astomancer Solarian who are both pretty easy fights too and require no resistance gear.
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