How to Solo 10 man Ony at 85

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How to Solo 10 man Ony at 85

Postby Didicow » Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:30 am

Ok, I have not been tanking as much because our 10 man comp really benefited more from Holy Pally heals than Prot Pally tank as we still try to progress through DS.

So I've been using my tanking set(s) to see what else I can do, just for fun.

Since Onyxia has a chance to drop Reins of the Onyxian Drake I started with her.

Here is how I solo'd Onyia 10man at lvl 85
10 man Onyxia - Originally tried to solo it in T11 / T12 level gearing and got crushed. Didn't seem possible with the 20 sec CD on Word of Glory. But going back with Souldrinker and better gear makes all the difference in the world.

Standard Prot Pally Spec (0/31/10)
Key Gear (equipped ilvl about 392) 172k HP / 7.98% Hit / 25 Expertise / 11600 AP / CTC about 82%
Mirror of Broken Images
2 Piece T13 Ret / 2 Piece T12 Ret (just for more damage on Ony)
Remaining Gear / Trinkets are Retribution for more damage
Prime Exorcism (helps with range on Ony in P2)
Prime Word of Glory
Major Holy Wrath (stun whelps to run away and self heal)
Major Focus Shield (helps with range on Ony in P2)
Major Divine Protection (not needed)
Elixir of the Master
Prismatic Elixir

P1 - Ground Phase
Very Easy (even on 25man)
Use Seal of Insight / Resistance Aura
Use Mirror / Divine Protection for breaths
Word of Glory when needed
Make sure you have 3 holy power available for when WoG comes of cooldown
Position boss so you can not get knocked back into the whelps room on the sides of the main room
P2 - Air Phase
Harder, got to watch health more (Got crushed on 25man, but was in my Ret-based tank set, might be worth trying again some time just for fun)
Use Seal of Insight / Retribution Aura
Use Mirror / Divine Protection for breaths
Word of Glory when needed
Range attack Ony with Judgement, Avenger Shield (Glyphed for Focused Shield), and Exorcism
Focus on big dragonkins that come out. Don't forget to run away from their fire AOE
Using Retribution Aura and AOE damage from Hammer of Righteous enough to kill whelps.
If getting low on health, Holy Wrath, run away and spam some flash heals. You will Regen Mana fast from the Whelps due to Sanctuary talent
Don't forget to dodge deep breaths.
P3 - Ground Phase
Very Easy (see P1 details)
Even with fear it is easy ... cow/simple
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Re: How to Solo 10 man Ony at 85

Postby ginga-uk » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:19 am

Did Ony this morning, only 10 man, but still took 27 mins, due to a VERY long air phase. I didn't have a log, but I towards the end of the air phase I was trying to tank the little adds under Ony (except when she breaths obviosuly). I think the splash damage from Hammer might have been hitting her as well. Will record a combatlog next time to check for sure.

ilvl about 390 ish - no soul drinker. standard tanking stuff, except 2 ret pieces, hat and legs I think. I just used them for the extra hp generation. Health was never really a concern, but did use word of glory a fair bit.

Forgot about the mount... I was going to write her off as a waste of time, since she only dropped 80 odd gold, but if there is a shot at a mount as well...
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