[25] Nef P3 Too Much infomation!

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[25] Nef P3 Too Much infomation!

Postby Vandango » Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:23 am

Hello maintankadin

I am currently struggling on p3 of nerferian due to trying to process way to much infomation and just screwing up because my brain just exploded.

Heres a list of what im trying to track

My Health
My 3rd Tanks health (Knowing when to use Hand of Sac)
My Cooldowns
the best time to utlize my cooldowns
Other raid wide CD's used
The adds
Neferians Health
Neferians Posistion (When to call for a turn around)
The adds
Adds energy
Where is the fire
Shadowblaze timer
My Rotation
Which adds are about to revive.
deciding which skill to use and what isnt on CD when grabbing threat on a revived add.

Now all of this is becoming difficult to track and on top of that i will have to raid lead next week so i will have to deal with bitchy, whiney comments.

My question : Whats a good way of thinking about all of this infomation in an easy way to maximize the usage of my class

as i said reading all this is becoming to much and is making me screw up in ways which cause the raid to wipe.

Here is a link to my UI incase anyone can think of any UI Releated issues it may be :

PS : I didnt really know where to post this, so if its in the wrong place mods feel free to move it =)
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Re: [25] Nef P3 Too Much infomation!

Postby Dantriges » Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:11 am

How about you probably can´t.

So the answer is


Delegate some of this stuff.

You don´t have to watch and do everything.

Raid wide Cds can be supervised by the healers. The Nef tank can do much of the Nef related stuff, like switching position. Timers can be watched by people you designate for it. Fire, well don´t stand in it, personal responsibility for everyone. If raid has to be repositioned, get someone with a raidmark if possible and he moves, the rest follows.
I haven´t seen the encounter so I can´t be more specific (or perhaps some of this advice is more or less wrong)and I don´t raidlead anymore so I haven´t devoted much brainpower how to coordinate the encounter.

But well the base line is, you don´t have to micromanage everything and you have 24 other people who can share the workload. Just don´t get overboard have 4 to 7 different people yelling into TS at the same time.

The more you do, the lazier your raid gets anysways.
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Re: [25] Nef P3 Too Much infomation!

Postby Treck » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:42 am

Vandango wrote:Heres a list of what im trying to track

My Health = Any kind of unitframes, this is hardly something you only need for nefarian.
My 3rd Tanks health (Knowing when to use Hand of Sac) = The 3rd tank shouldnt be tanking much anyway so he shouldnt take any damage except for electricute, he should worry about that (Grid or smth like that will show his HP easy if you really need)
My Cooldowns = Just have them on bars you can see, so you see how long their remaining CD are.
the best time to utlize my cooldowns = During electricute, and the last 10-15sec of the adds before they reset, depending a bit on if electricute comes with lowstack adds or highstack adds, you have to make an educated estimate on what CD will be best where, there should be Guardians/Painsupp/BoSac from others in the raid, and the MT should be more than fine with just his own CDs.
Electrocute = Have someone call out whenever the boss hits each 10%, and esp call the emote, that should give you a few sec to react.
Other raid wide CD's used = If everyone is topped, there should be no reason to have to use raidwide CDs, Ora3 can track raidwide CDs if you wanna know if they used them or if they can save them for you.
The adds = Theres no much to track on them really, make sure all of them stay out of fires, and when one dies, the others should die within a few sec of the first one.
Neferians Health = You dont really need to know his health, you wanna keep the strat going like normal nomatter his health really. Just have each electricute clearly announced, thats all you need to worry about (Focus target obviously works)
Neferians Posistion (When to call for a turn around) = Easiest strat imo is turning nefarian all the time to make sure the adds doesnt get breathed, and the addtank doesnt get tailswipe, thats the MTs problem keeping the boss in the right position.
The adds = 2nd time you mention the same thing.
Adds energy = All should have about the same ammount of energy unless you fail, in witch case you just have to adapt.
Where is the fire = Fire ALWAYS spawn ontop of the adds, weather they be alive or dead, they spawn from the meteor he throws on the adds, if adds are always on the outer ring, fires should never reach nefarian who is standing in the middle. And since your moving in a circle around the boss, your always moving away from new fires, and they shouldnt be an issue.
Shadowblaze timer = This is nefarians breath right? whats the point of knowing that as an addtank?
My Rotation = This should be second nature by now, not to mention its hard keeping a solid rotation on the adds when your moving away from them all the time.
Which adds are about to revive. = The fire revives them, look at the screen and you will see when they revive.
deciding which skill to use and what isnt on CD when grabbing threat on a revived add. = Taunt shouldnt be on CD that much, you also have avengers shield you can try not to use when just moving some adds.
Your doing it wrong if your not killing the adds in the same place, all adds should die and revive pretty much at the same time, if you have a 3rd tank doing nothing in that phase, you can have him pick up random spawning adds and bring them to you.

A UI link out of combat is pretty useless tbh, we cant see target, targets target, the raid, CDs, bossmods or anything out of importance.
Even so id recommend having your own HP bar bigger and closer to the middle of the screen so you can actually see it and react while still doing other stuff.
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Re: [25] Nef P3 Too Much infomation!

Postby Vrimmel » Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:46 am

While I agree that an OOC screenshot is not very useful there are some pointers I can give.

My basic theory about building a UI on something is that if you have a difficulty in tracking a certain piece of information in your UI you need to make it bigger and/or move it closer to the center of your screen. Do not spread important information all around the screen. Think about both mouse and eye travelling distance. Your raid frames are upper left corner, your action bar bottom center, threat meter bottom rightish. That's an unnecessary big distance.

Here's a video of lazeil of Paragon tanking HC LK during wotlk. Although there are some few weird things, it's very good when it comes to strategic placing of the most important UI elements.
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