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Boss Type List

Postby Iselian » Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:58 pm

I know a lot of people know that Crusade is effective as a threat talent, doubly so against "DUH" mobs. I couldn't find a full list of current boss types and while most may seem like common sense (Malygos...) I figured an official list for reference could help. Will update when IC comes out.


Spider Wing
Anub'Rekhan - Undead
Grand Widow Faerlina - Humanoid
Maexxna - Beast

Construct Wing
Patchwerk - Undead
Grobbulus - Undead
Gluth - Undead
Thaddius - Undead

Military Wing
Instructor Razuvious - Undead
Gothik the Harvester - Undead
The Four Horsemen - Undead

Plague Wing
Noth the Plaguebringer - Undead
Heigan the Unclean - Undead
Loatheb - Undead

Sapphiron - Undead
Kel'Thuzad - Undead

Other Tier 7 Bosses
Sartherion (and adds) - Dragonkin
Malygos - Dragonkin


Flame Leviathan - If you're using spells against him, I hope he's at 1%... (but mechanical)
Razorscale - Dragonkin
Ignis the Furnace Master - Giant
XT-002 Deconstructor - Mechanical

Stormcaller Brundir - Humanoid
Runemaster Mogleim - Humanoid
Steelbreaker - Giant
Kologarn - Giant

Auriaya - Giant
Hodir - Giant
Thorim - Giant
Freya - Giant
Mimiron - All parts are classified as mechanical

General Vezax - Uncatagorized
Yogg-Saron - All Guardians and tentacles are labeled as uncatagorized, as is Yogg himself

Algalon - Elemental

Trial of the Crusader

Gormok - Humanoid
Acidmaw and Dreadscale - Beast
Icehowl - Beast
Lord Jaraxxus - Demon
Faction Champions - All FC's are humanoid except the resto druid, who is elemental.
Twin Val'kyr - Undead
Anub'Arak (and adds) - Undead

Onyxia - Dragonkin
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