Trial of the Champion

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Trial of the Champion

Postby Ratly » Sat Aug 08, 2009 4:07 am

I need some advice, for some reason i just can't seem to tank a good clean run in Trial of the Champion. After the jousting part I just can't seem to pick up the 3 champions fast enough to prevent a healer death. I have never been able to beat this part of the instance in one shot and it's driving me nuts.

I know under Ideal conditions I'd like to have all 3 of the champions relatively close to each other before the second phase of the fight starts, however this isn't always the case. I've tried dropping consecration down near two of them then tried throwing avengers shield at the third, however the two mobs in consecration just run right out without even batting an eye in my direction. It's just been so frustrating.

Paletress is also being a pain. Now I've never wiped on Paletress, however we always seem to lose someone either during the memory phase or right after we finish off the memory. I'm not sure what trick there is if any to keeping people up during this phase. Omen shows that nobody is close to me in threat so I'm not sure what to tell angry healers or dps that get killed during this phase.

The Black Knight always... ALWAYS kills my healer. Well maybe not always, but almost always. I've worked out a plan w/ the healer I normally run with that involves her staying in the middle of the arena and I tank the black knight against the wall during the first phase and when he starts phase 2 I back off and use consecration to try rounding up the ghouls before I holy wrath . However this seems to be only a temporary measure as shortly after the stun wears off they're right at my healer again. It seems like no matter what i do I spend more time taunting ghouls then actually trying to build threat on the black knight.

Would it be better to try burning the ghouls down and just kiting the black knight away when they start to explode? Does he summon more ghouls if we kill the ones that he summoned? Any help or insight would be much appreciated.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby amh » Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:16 am

The first three keep their aggro-tables from the jousting-part, by the looks of it. Throw a bubble on your healer as you dismount, and be really quick with Hand of Reckoning + Righteous Defense :)

Paletress sounds like a healing-issue :/

How exactly is the Black Knight killing your healer? Phase 1 is pretty straight forward, burn down boss while tanking the add. Phase 2, don't bother AOEing at all. Tell your party to stand in consecration for the first few seconds (just enough to round them up and holy wrath), and then spread out again. There's ample time after killing the boss to get away from explosions, since they'll all be in the centre.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Keion » Sat Aug 08, 2009 2:53 pm

On Paletress everyone should hug tank to avoid getting out of healer's range during the fear. This is twice as important for healer.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Ratly » Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:26 pm

Normally when/if the healer dies on the black knight it's usually during phase 2. Actually after attempting it again I think it's because they aggro healer then decide to explode and the healer isn't moving out of the explosion radius.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Keion » Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:42 am

Ratly wrote:Normally when/if the healer dies on the black knight it's usually during phase 2. Actually after attempting it again I think it's because they aggro healer then decide to explode and the healer isn't moving out of the explosion radius.

Did healer stay in desecration during the second phase?
Arthas thought Stratholme is not cool enough and decided to perform some cooling.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby tuberon » Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:04 am

For the post-jousting, I suggest what we try to do, which is to try to lead all 3 guys onto one side then after we down the last rider run to the other side.

For Paletress, stacking is probably a good idea.

For the black knight, I usually drop a consecration under him as he pops up the first time then use holy wrath once a few ghouls are up, that tends to nab them all, and I can taunt any stragglers. I've yet to have anyone die from that. And I've always tanked all 3 phases right in the middle.

Honestly, the most trouble any of the pugs I've done have had is jousting, once you get past that you're golden.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Cheroz » Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:20 am

I haven't seen this strat posted yet, so I will throw it out here.
For those having issues picking up bosses after jousting.....Knock off the first two bosses, the third one knock him off by the portal for the instances....once all three are off their horses, run out of the instance. As tank, try and pick up agro and help others run out, then run out yourself. Once you go back into the instance, all three bosses will be off their horses and up at the top of the instance (sometimes it take a min or two for them to appear, but they will). Now your party can buff, drink, eat and start the fight anew, but no more jousting, making it very easy to group them up and kill them. Works on heroic and reg.

As for the DK, I agree with the second phase comments. Have everyone stack on you and con, then wrath them...makes it easy as well, except when you have that one huntard or priest that refuses to do it, gets pwned and then wonders why...if they don't stack I usually let them die on purpose. It has been awhile in heroics that people actually have to use strats to defeat a boss, and it always amazes me when simple instructions get ignored/not listened to.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby HollerTH » Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:19 am

I have found that something is screwy with the aggro after jousting. Sometimes everything comes to me no problem, others they ignore me no matter what I do. I was able to get a hotr on all three, judge one, taunt one all while standing in my cons.... and they ignored me and killed my DK who stood there doing nothing.

Some have said it is whoever is closest to them when they get back up which is possible but havnt had a chance to really test it.

The second boss guy there is a trick, dispell whoever gits hit with hammer of justice before his hammer of wrath or whatever it is he does goes off, it is really hard to do but if done the person will take no damage and catch his hammer. There is an achievment to kill him with that hammer on heroic but I have no idea how that works because I never had a chance to have it happen to me.

For the girl bring a healer that is really really good at raid healing. The bleed from the memories is painful and holy fire is too. Take both of those while getting feared and smashed in the back and your healer is going ot have a hard time getting your HP back up. It is very helpful to have shadow resists up from my experience.

For the last boss the final phase is a dps race, the longer it takes to kill him the more stacks you get on you and the more damage you take. Shadow resists also help with the third phase of this fight. I also hit Divine sacrifice + Divine protection to try and keep the damage down. From my experience if someone is going to die on him it is because he started bolting them with lots of debuffs up. For the second phase have everyone stand on you for a few secs and then hit them with wrath, this is normally plenty of threat for aoe to go nuts on them.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Florisia » Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:14 am

I've tanked this instance several times, and there's a few things that we've found out that's been pretty helpful.

For the first(The trio) bosses, depending on who you get, it can be very easy or a pain filled experience. Getting the Blood Elf, Tauren, and Troll(For Alliance) is a complete pain, because they're all ranged and they like to stand still. They switch to melee occassionally, but keeping them togeather can be a bit of a challenge. Keep in mind that they're stunable(And somewhat crowd controllable). As soon as we dismount, I re-equip my weapon and taunt the furthest one from me(Provided they're in range). If the other two are in melee range, HoR and Consec helps grab them quickly. If not, AS the second furthest one and Shield/Hammer the closest. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to run off to grab one, but your threat isn't high on another, use your Hammer of Justice to buy you a little time so you can protect your party and come back for the threat when you can. Knowing your party helps too. Rogues become extremely valuable in this instance because of stunning moves, dismantle(Useful on the Orc and Black Knight especially), and Tricks of the Trade(Great for the first boss fight, and the second phase of the Black Knight when used with Fan of Knives.) Hunters as well, for similar reasons. If you have either at your disposal, they'll help you greatly with controlling the bosses.

The second boss, the Paladin himself is extremely easy. Just turn around when he radiates, and break the stun when he goes to hammer someone. If you have a macro to bubble and cancelaura quickly, that's a good idea. Trinkets/Racials that break stun also helpful. Someone who can dispel it, even better.

The confessor is a bit of a pain for me, too. If you're having a problem healing through the fight(For you and your healer), you may want to switch to Seal of Light and Judgement of Light to assist healing melee members and yourself, and that's helped me through the fights. While I'm a firm believer in Seal of Vengence, survival is more important than looking good for a tank on the DPS chart. The less the healer has to heal you or your friends, the better for them in the long run. As a last resort, you can pop LOH on them. I wouldn't really recommend it, and I've yet to do it myself, but it's better than losing a healer. Granted, if you can DPS the boss down without having to do that, that'd be best. You may need LOH in the Black Knight fight.

The first phase of the Black Knight is a joke. So I won't go over it in any more detail outside of 'DPS him down and watch the one add.'

The second phase, make sure your healer has you topped off before going into it. If you can get your healer to not heal(Or stay close to you before they heal) as the second phase starts, it's best. Drop a Consec on the Black Knight himself and pull as many of them to you as quick as you can with whatever you can. Consec + Holy Wrath + Righteous Defense works well. Add Hand of Reckoning for picking that ONE that got away. And tell your group NOT to scatter if they manage to aggro the zombies before you can get enough threat in. A few pugs I've gone into, I've had a hunter and a mage go in two seperate directions away from the rest, making it pretty hard to pull things off of them. Once/If you get them all, kite them out of the AOEs and try to pull your party away from the exploding zombies. Even better if you can get your DPS to kill the zombies before they blow.

Third phase(This one has actually been a problem for our 4 mans of this), throw up your shadow res aura unless you have an alternative(Shadow Ward, etc), put on your wings and unleash. It's a DPS race, which means pretty much everyone should burn their cooldowns and trinkets for this fight, provided they didn't need them earlier. In my 4 man guild runs of this, we've managed to survive, with our first few runs ending in us losing a DPS or a healer. In all of my 5 man pugs, I've been the last one standing with my finger on the 'LOH' button and a potion in my stomach. I used Seal of Vengence the entire time, except in the pugs, where I switched to Seal of Light at about 50% boss health.

Heroic is basically the same as all the above, only there's more hitpoints and a bit of a harder race at the end. My pugs thus far with H ToC have been successful without anyone dying.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Viycktor » Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:57 am

Last night we were doing H ToC all on our less geared alts.

My dps/tank DK, a feral (dps/tank) druid, and a hunter/mage/shaman healer.

We had alot of trouble with the feral tank for the first phase, even after failing miserably on the dismount. The prot warrior kept charging the healer and killing him very quickly.

I switched to tank it on my DK and we downed them with no deaths... not sure what was up, but it's nice being a class that can reliably interrupt heals. Saving interrupts/silences for when the shaman heals is helpful.

Paletress is a pain. She both heals and throws out a lot of random damage. Again, having reliable interrupts are really nice. I told the shaman healer to earth shock her (that still interrupts right? Or is it wind shock now? Maybe I said the wrong thing...) every spare GCD he had. That plus my mind freeze and the mage's counterspell meant we had her locked down pretty tight. Went smoother than I've ever had it go. Even when she is immune to damage, she is still vulnerable to interrupts!

Just tell your dps (or even healer) to interrupt her during all phases every so often. This makes her almost as trivial as Eadric (by reducing a significant amount of group damage and enemy healing), but requires more intelligent play.

The black knight is a PITA during phase 3. Every phase 2 failure I've seen is a result of people getting blowed up. My recommendation here is to AoE down the ghouls- they really die easily to a decently geared group and it prevents a potential 10 ghouls all blowing up on the tank who is stuck in desecration- and there's no need to rush this phase as damage to a paladin tank is relatively minor. (Meleeing on my DK, both me AND the tank got killed in phase 2 once because ranged focused down the knight, the tank had all the ghouls, and he dropped a desecration RIGHT as he died... so we ran as fast as we could and got gibbed by the 8+ ghouls exploding all at once -we were told we were noobs for getting blown up... by a hunter no less) Liberal use of Paladin taunts, holy wrath, and AS is encouraged to try to keep them in your consecrate.

Phase 3: give it a little bit of time for stacks to build up and then pop your Divine Sacrifice combo. I also turn on shadow resist aura right after phase 2... but I'm not sure how much this actually helps. And tell your dps to make sure that have their CDs to blow for phase 3.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Viycktor » Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:29 pm

Does anyone know at what point during the jousting event that you can reset the encounter and have the champions return unmounted?
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Sarutankah » Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:15 pm

Viycktor wrote:Does anyone know at what point during the jousting event that you can reset the encounter and have the champions return unmounted?

Only once you as a group have been forcibly dismounted.

You must actually finish the first phase and "kill" them whilse mounted.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby yappo » Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:13 pm

We had a bad one for the first three today. After dismounting them we ran out and reset the instance for our usual kill-and-loot session.

From left to right, mage, rogue and hunter.
Three wipes later we found out the hard way that while we're cutting down the mage (the only sensible first target as you soak nearly zilch magic damage as a pally tank), the hunter has to be taunted/stunned more or less throughout the fight, or your healer will get eaten alive.

The main reason the fight gets so ugly is the rogue forcing you to move around as you don't want to stand in green goo, and moving around while tanking one ranged boss and keeping a second ranged boss CC:d is generally a bad idea. If at all possible wait with moving out until you have AS available (or belf racial, as I did) due to the silence forcing the mage to close in on you.
Salving your healer helps, but it won't be enough with this (unlucky) setup.

Having dps with get-out-of-jail cooldowns helps. One deliberately overaggroes hunter, drops a CD after which I promptly taunts. Rinse and repeat until your group is out of cd:s, at which time the mage really should be down.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby Kelaan » Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:19 am

amh wrote:The first three keep their aggro-tables from the jousting-part, by the looks of it. Throw a bubble on your healer as you dismount, and be really quick with Hand of Reckoning + Righteous Defense :)

Working under this assumption seems to work for me. I try to focus nearly all of my effort on one of the riders, so that I will (hopefully) have the most threat on by near the end. Then, as we dismount, I taunt one, and then focus on the other. There's a small lag while they get situated after dismounting before they start fighting, so you have a few seconds to taunt and swap targets to the next one before it starts running for your healer (or some DPS). Seems to work OK.

As for your healer dying on P2 of the DK, I suspect they may have stood in the aoe; cons + HW does seem towork well for getting some initial aggro. I also seal Righteousness for the dark knight, as the fight tends to only last ~15 seconds per phase, and SoR procs on the army of the dead are much nicer.
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Re: Trial of the Champion

Postby phaqueue » Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:34 pm

here's what I've found that works in this place...

If you're choosing not to run out (I only do if people don't buff at beginning of instance and we need buffs...) Then make sure everyone tries to kill them as close together as possible...

my suggestion is to try and bring a DK whenever you run this instance - an intelligent DK can make a huge difference here...

if you get the hunter... the DK can pull it to you...

if one dies away from the group - the dk can stand about halfway so you can chain a taunt across the arena (remember pally taunt targets the player not the mob - so only the player has to be in range, not the mob)

Kill priority for me is generallly Healer, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Hunter

For the 2nd boss... if it's the paladin... just win - if you get the priest - make sure you or your healer(if approproiate) are dispelling holy fire.

for the 3rd boss... things are pretty easy if done correctly...

phase 1 tank and spank...

phase 2 if you have a DK they get to shine here again... while the boss is summoning his adds... the DKs in the group should be doing likewise... have them all cast army of the dead... you will spend most of the time not tanking and be able to just pick up loose adds and stay out of the desecration and explosions... just make sure you pick up the boss when the DK ghouls are all gone...

phase 3 - pop your shield wall here... and make sure you are ready to LoH if necessary... you should be judging light here especially to help take the effort off your healer... most of the time with the groups I take -I can survive the entire 3rd phase without a single heal... with shield wall popped - you take around 1300-1500 damage per tick... and with 35k or so HP - it takes a long time for that to kill me... esp with AD and LoH...

hope this helps :)
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