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Postby Falkman » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:12 am

http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... n&n=Jazine

On boss fights that favour melee I do about 3-3.5k dps, depending on group buffs.
Sustained through an entire instance I'm almost never below 2k.
And my gear isn't anywhere close to super.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby poilbrun » Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:39 am

My main is a mage and I'm currently leveling a paladin tank (thus my presence on this site). On my main, I have the best gear available outside of an instance except for the robe (I have the epic tailoring instead of the one from exalted with the Kirin Tor) and trousers (I need 60k honor points for the pvp ones!). As I do not have a lot of time at once to spend in the game, I am limited in the instances I can run. I have 6 days /played at level 80 and have only run 5 level 80 instances. By taking the time to research the better spec, the correct rotation, and the right gemming and enchanting choices, I am able to it 2.2k dps on single target, in a fight where I am immobile, with only my own buffs. My best performance was a 2.6k dps on Archavon 25.

What does this tell you? Basically that any mage, without ever setting foor in an instance, is able to hit this kind of dps. If you meet any below 1.5k, you can truly tell them that they're not pulling their weight in the instance. As was said before, utility should also be accounted for (don't ask me to pull the same numbers if I also have to cc and counterspell, that would ruin my rotation), but this is a good value for a mage. Obviously, someone who plans to run instances will not go to the lengths I went to to get the best possible stuff out of an instance, but if they're not in their first instance run - and they should have run an instance in normal before trying it in heroics - chances are that they have stuff that should bring them close to 2k dps easily.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Annadin » Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:01 am

don't ask me to pull the same numbers if I also have to cc and counterspell, that would ruin my rotation

Don't worry, you won't get asked that too often around here :wink:

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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby masterpoobaa » Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:38 am

Newly dingged L80 are such a mixed bag...
Even taking 2 characters that are the same class and spec with similar gear levels it can vary alot.

2 mages i once pugged with.
Both 80, both arcane spec (iirc)
Similar mix of gear 80% blue, 10% purple, 10% green.

The difference though was in the type of gear.
The crap mage had multiple pieces of pvp gear, at least 3 empty gem sockets, bugger all enchants, no head enchant, no belt buckle, no leg enchants.
The good mage had properly selected gear, with at least cheap green gems and mid level enchants.
End result - 1100dps compared to 1900dps.

You CAN go straight from dingging L80 to doing heroics. I did it on my resto drood.
BUT you have to have planned ahead. I had carefully purchaced BoE blues from the AH, got my friends to make moonshroud and leather epics, and got everything enchanted and gemmed up (pretty much).
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Postby Rumzy » Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:33 pm

elfjorc wrote:2k unbuffed is the pretty much the bottom rung for competency, there's no reason people couldn't start out at a minimum of 2.5-3k the moment they hit 80 if they know their stuff.

3k the moment you hit 80? Sorry I have to disagree with that, that is asking a little much of people, and blatantly impossible for most classes.

When I was running my first heroics on my preist, soon after wotlk hit, I was pretty uptight about the dps in my group - I had done my time, ran normal instances to gear etc, and expected the same from them. Things have changed now - try to get a group for a lvl 80 non-heroic...pretty much can't do it. So I cut people some slack now. I'm running a recently dinged (about 2 weeks ago) ele shaman now, and can pull 2.5 normally, and 3k+ with the right group. But if I have someone doin 1300, I don't worry too much about it anymore, as long as the group is getting through. (Now if I group with ths same person a couple weeks later and thier dps hasn't changed, I might say something)
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Levantine » Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:37 am

I'll run with people as long as they're doing >1250 dps. If they're not doing more than me though (16-1700) they're not allowed to talk or question anything, I'm dragging their sorry asses through, they can shut up and be happy they're getting badges.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Origon » Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:45 am

1500 bare minimum in "hi, i just dinged 80" gear. If they're even half ilvl 200 gear, theres no excuse for being under 2k
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Jasari » Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:10 am

I had a 0/0/71 Mage in my group last night that was in a bunch of "of the eagle" 70-75 greens doing a solid 900 DPS. We were doing Nexus and he asked "is it the top one or bottom one" when trying to find where to zone in... /facepalm.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Freyas » Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:03 pm

A lot of it depends on the class. I crafted all the epics I could for my warlock, plus a couple of heroic drops I've gotten (wand from AN, at least, don't recall what else), and although I know how to play the class well and done a good amount of research for spec and rotation, I have a hard time putting out more than 1400 dps on trash and 2k on bosses. On the other hand, on my DK after hitting 80, I respecced, grabbed my Titansteel Destroyer out of the mail, and was able to do 2k sustained through H-Nexus, doing 1.8-2k on the bosses and a bit more on trash (unholy spec), and that's with leveling blues/greens with a couple of drops from Gun'drak/HoS/HoL.

However, anybody that doesn't do 1400-ish or so DPS, and doesn't have a good reason to be pulling less than that is either in greens, or needs to learn how to play their class, and should do some research/gearing up before heroics. By the fact that I keep getting fail Naxx pugs with my alts where the average DPSer is <1500, a lot of people fit into the category of not ready for heroics, much less raiding.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Pettu » Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:32 pm

I hit 80 only a couple of weeks ago and still learning all the instances so I've only run UK, VH and Nexus on heroic, as they are considered the "starting" heroics. I usually try to pick a good healer out of my friendslist so that usually isn't a problem, and for some reason I tend to forget to add DPS to my friendslist :roll: .

So far I've only had problems once, and it was on last boss in UK. Group was: me, holy pally, ret pally, arms warrior and a hunter. For some reason the last boss went down really, really slowly, and it eventually wore me and the healers mana down and we wiped. The ret pally was around 1.8k dps, warrior and hunter below 1.3k. We went again and just barely got it (double Lay on Hands etc)

Today I went in with two DK, resto shammy, and a rogue. The last boss managed to Dark Smash a whooping one time on phase two before going down. 2.5k+ dps from everyone 4tw.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby masterpoobaa » Thu May 14, 2009 12:02 am

Its funny now that im getting geared up.
Most of my gear is level 213, with the odd 200 bit left.
Got 2 bits from ulduar 23 now.
My average 'not trying very hard' tanking dps is around 2k.

I went and joined a totally random H-Drak Keep run that needed a tank.
Was so faceroll easy.

The healer was dps'ing, I was just steamrolling through the packs and we downed trollgore in record time... even with 2 of the dps below me.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Nemuria » Mon May 18, 2009 2:55 am

I have just dinged 80 with the warrior and can just output 1200dps overall, with some 1500 pics on boss. I am still running normal version in parallel when pugs are available and not level 75-77.

I am missing enchants, some quests items I have skipped and still leveling Blacksmithing. However I have the 280% mount, double spec and spent time in quests and lore. With the main, I run Naxx with ppl who need summoning because they just dinged and don't even have a fly. They can't even break 2K dps raid buffed. They get epics from the run, even offspec item, because nobody really needs it.

So no I don't feel ashame of running a [H]UK and be behind the tank in dps meter. As dps, healer and tank have carried so many ppl that I don't care. I don't care they are thinking being op at 1800dps with naxx25 drop.
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Sarutankah » Sat May 23, 2009 10:52 pm

We had a hunter do 1400 dps on sarth last night.

We denied him the loot he rolled on because he wasn't playing his mainspec.

He said "Umm my mainspec is DPS?" and we said yeah - you aren't playing it.

Pugs can be brutal lol :wink:
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Re: [H] DPS o.o

Postby Baelik » Mon May 25, 2009 3:56 am

Interesting comment on the Hunter in Sarth. But how else do you expect him to improve without getting the gear that makes him better? 1400 on Normal Sarth is acceptable considering that he is ranged and is doing less running and has more DPS uptime than most melee in that encounter.

Your group just denied someone loot that was rightfully theirs based on your looting system. Thats a big "No No!" in my books.
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Postby hoho » Mon May 25, 2009 5:12 am

elfjorc wrote:People with a brain should be able to hit 2k on heroic bosses easy.
Brain = 2k, at least better quest blues = 2.5-3k. At least this was what I was getting on my lock. Other classes with less burst might be a bit lower.
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