Notes on subpar computer, [H]5-mans only

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Notes on subpar computer, [H]5-mans only

Postby yappo » Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:35 am

These are short notes on heroic instance-runs and how they may create difficulties, or at least issues, if you're tanking on, for example, a couple of years old laptop (like I do).

UK: None

First out-door run. Distinct degradation. Avoid pulling too much if you notice a distinct slow-down when you come outdoors.
Skadi-run. Performance-degradation at the end during spawns coinciding with dragon-breath. Just live with it.

Nexus: None, at least not unless you're wiping / doing achievement on rift-spawning-boss. Performance-degradation a clear sign rifts are allowed to spawn lots of shit.

Oculus: None

Drak'Tharon Keep: None.

Old Kingdom: None

AN: None.

Gundrak: None

HoS: Major degradation in first circular room with trash. Just be aware of it, nothing to do about it.
(group disbanding after this on my only run this far (no, we didn't wipe, but DPS got into their mind that healing them was higher priority than healing me, tank)). Thus need more info.

HoL: None

CoS: Major degradation during last boss fight. Proper 969 difficult to uphold. Dangerous if your DPS are pumping out LOTS of damage. (but honestly, this encounter is twomannable (three dps decides standing on stairs behind me is a swell idea...) with a good healer EVEN with your computer performing badly)

VH: Avoid tanking anything on the 'broken ramp' up to the balcony. Major degradation if you do.

Did I miss anything?
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