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Postby Belloc » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:49 am

Threatco wrote:
drop a consecrate at the entrance to that hallway (where the casters spaw), and then Avenger's Shield the spawns on the side of the boss's room. Then, I run back to the casters and burn down all 4.

Is going to work 99% of the time, other times, some dps is going to get 2 shot. I've seen it.

Holding aggro off your healer is not the same as holding off your dps. Run with any melee class or if a caster decides to do a quick nuke and you will have aggro torn from you if you don't put some direct threat on those forward mobs.

This is it. There is 0 reason why you should risk the lives of your team when arthas is 100% capable of tanking those 2 melee. My gusse is he could go 40-60sec.

Get aggro/half kill the casters and you will be able to taunt off arthas way way before he is 50% hp. If you want, taunt the melee right early, but all tps should be on the casters at first.

The exact style doesen't matter. I just want to discourage set it and forget it concencrating in this case of the 2 casters.

Pre-Consecrate and hit them with HotR when they spawn. Then AS the adds on Arthas. This gives enough of a threat lead that your DPS will not be pulling aggro. If they're putting out enough DPS to pull aggro, the mob is going to die before it even has a chance to cast at the DPS.
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