Solo - Lucifron

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Solo - Lucifron

Postby Xanadiel » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:05 pm

So I got done soloing Garr and Magmadar and thought that I might as well try Lucifron. It was not so bad, had to burn LoH but all I had to do was keep JoL and SoL up and wait on Bubble CD.

I did this with a regular prot paladin might be easier with an art of war spec, instead, but I didn't want to respec.

Grab Lucifron ALONG WITH the first pack of corehounds. Lucifron casts a curse on you that increases the mana cost of all your abilities by 100%. Thus you will need a large mana restoration source, i.e. 5 Corehounds hitting you. Chunk your shield when he pats around.

Keep JoL and SoL up. Other than that spam your abilities (except for consecrate). Lucifron does not have very much health, so you should run through roughly 2 bubble cooldowns (in which you should heal to full). Use Lay on Hands if bubble is not up.

Overall, it should take you about 10-15 minutes to kill him.

I'm unsure, but is this the first solo of Lucifron?
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Postby Sockpuppet » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:57 pm

Solo'd Lucifron this Saturday actually and again earlier today, tried with and without core hounds and in my opinion it's easier to just grab the pack before the boss and then just let his adds pound on you for some mana, it'll take more time but if you're unlucky you might die when you have a core hound pack on you.
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Postby Mick » Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:34 am

I'm a fresh 80 and only have quest blues / reputation blues - no epics.

I started in TBC so i never experienced regular raiding so i must say i'm having fun now i found this site.

I did my first 2 MC bosses tonight.

For Lucifron, the first time i tried him without adds, i just couldn't keep up my mana with the double spell cost. But when i tried to simply solo the core hound packs themselves, i found it tricky at times to handle the DOT - i mean i can solo them fine but the core hounds + the boss i dont think i could.

Instead, i grab Lucifron and head to the room before his and sit in the first imp pack. These imps obviously give a ton of mana so you can just sit their with Seal of Light and Judgement of Light and just spam all attacks. Eventually the imps will die though so you then drag Lucifron to the second pack of imps further up.

I'm pretty sure i had to bubble in the transition to the second pack.

With the extra mana of the imps, this fight was really cake. My gear is not very good which is why i went this route, so for those with no epics and just quest/rep blues, i believe the imp strat is the easiest to pull off.

hmm my screenshots didnt seem to work but lucifron was about a 10 -> 12 min fight.

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Postby Arca » Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:09 am

Try a set up with 3-4 pieces of holy gear and a spell power weapon.

All of our mana returns are based on our total mana, so the more you have, the more efficient you are. I go in with about 10k mana and never go oom. You have to make good use of SS and FoL also.

I dont pull corehounds with Luci, just the 2 adds that are part of the encounter. I have yet to go oom or die, the curse isn't a big deal with the larger mana pool.

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Postby Mick » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:27 pm

Yeah thats a good point about gear - I have been purely thinking about tanking stats but i'll start using my head a bit now :)
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