Sulfuron Harbinger - Solo strat

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Sulfuron Harbinger - Solo strat

Postby Krazy » Tue Dec 23, 2008 3:29 am

Sulfuron Harbinger - Molten Core

Difficulty: Easy

Spec: Prot

Basic strat:

As long as you tank him and the adds far to the back you shouldn't have to worry about the core hound patrol getting aggro (I got him but its not hard to beat him down mid fight).

The adds:

The four adds will heal him and each other as well as constantly spamming shadow word pain and immolate on you. Unforunantly for them you can cleanse these easy (recommended to cleanse them ASAP)...and they use a considerable amount of their mana.

Seal/Judge light to deal with incoming damage, BoSanct should keep you in good mana for the duration of the add part of the fight. Sulfuron himself will run away and cast shadow bolts and other junk at you, use SR aura to help with that.

The add part of the fight takes around 10 minutes. Eventually they will run out of mana and die to your AoE. Then its just you and the big man himself.


He does not like to be melee'd so occasionally he will use an ability called "Hand of Ragnaros" on you which is a short (2 seconds or so) stun and then he will run away. Make sure you spam an ability to engage him quickly after this...not sure if its a bug but I had him partially reset and regain his HP from 40% to 75% mid fight somehow.

This part of the fight takes a while but is definitely not hard at all. Use SoW/judge light to keep mana wont get much from BoSanct here. After you finally burn through his 700k HP you will have a shot at getting your awesome T1 shoulders and about 40-50g. Good Luck!
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Re: Sulfuron Harbinger - Solo strat

Postby culhag » Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:48 pm

Long boring fight.

Don't fight the messenger himself to close to a wall, he did a "disengage" just before I killed him and he arrived up a slope where I couldn't reach him.
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