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Re: Watch Him Die!

Postby Zoltar » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:43 pm

Tried a bunch of ways last night.

Group was
Prot pally (me)
Holy pally
Ret pally
Blood DK

The easiest, and most successful for us was the kite method, with a twist. I pulled one group at a time taking out the little guys but leaving the watchers of course. Once all the little guys are dead I have a tonne of threat on all three watchers. The ret pops his holy wrath, I hand of freedom myself and hightail it for the entrance while the 3 DPS and healer pull the boss. As the watchers start to close in on me I pop my holy wrath and run all the way to the entrance. Just before they reach me I bubble and the watchers start running back to the DPS and heals who have finished off the boss. Once they are half way there I cancel my bubble and they come back to me and we finish them off one by one.
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