[Heroic Achievement] Zombiefest - 100 Zombies in COT

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[Heroic Achievement] Zombiefest - 100 Zombies in COT

Postby towelliee » Tue Dec 16, 2008 7:20 am

I was wondering how other guilds did this?

What we did was clear past third boss to the entrance of gaunlet


We all stayed for the gaunlet

1 Melee stand by entrance to inn

AOE stand by beginning of sqaure

Countdown...AND GO

everyone aggros the zombies in beginning of instance, me and the aoe and healer chain pull till end of first gaunlet...we win.
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Postby Treck » Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:17 am

We pull 2nd boss into the town hall, slowly dpses him down to let all zombies respawn. Go kill 3rd boss.
Then i by myself go pull all zombies in the girst gauntlet. The zombies walk really realy slow, even slower than your doing when going backwards. So you can run pull every one of them, keep them alive and run all the way to fountain, and back with them all to town hall, once the adds reach the other side of the house, first THEN start killing them, and have someone track the achievement, so you can see how many you need to kill left when those are dead (iirc 85 should be dead and you just have to find 15more to kill)
Using Sacred shield on yourself while running to get the mobs are nice, but nice since if the healer is gonna go heal you, he will get aggro on the whole lot.
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Postby Senador » Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:30 am

I did it just like Treck, except one thing.

After getting all of the initial zombies bunched up together, you will outdistance them by quite a bit. Stop to Holy Light yourself (You'll have plenty of time) to top off your health. Between that and Sacred Shield you should be fine, and the healing will pretty much guarantee you have some agro on them all.

Bring them through the building and then we AoE them down right next to where Arthas stands for the last guantlet. Also, make sure no one accidentally kills a zombie in the last guantlet before you AoE the mass down. As soon as the first zombie dies, it starts the timer. From the times I've done it, there are just short of 80 zombies normally between the beginning areas and the town hall.
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