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Re: Soloing Kara Bosses

Postby Chicken » Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:15 am

It's possible to solo chess but it's a bit of luck you need. Your sides chess pieces don't move by themselves, but will use their abilities by themselves (Though not in a particularly clever way). I find it works best by trying to position the pieces around something I want dead. It goes easiest if the other sides king decides to rush forward, as you can then just command your knight pieces to stand near him, then take control of the mage pieces to use direct nukes, which will usually kill him.
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Re: Soloing Kara Bosses

Postby Talima » Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:18 am

As far as I'm concerned chess is impossible. Every single time I try it he keeps putting fire on my warlock and king (often twice in one fight) which I then have to spend valuable time moving out of it and never brings his clerics up close enough to attack until its far too late. I can't move my warlock out to attack them because then he sends a bunch of pieces onto it and it dies.

I tried to just burn his king but it just gets healed so much that by the time its down to low health my king is surrounded and dead.

Other than that and big bad wolf the other non-optional bosses were easy. I just used my normal tank set for curator and didn't have any problems.

I was able to get netherspite positioned properly to get all 3 beams but my mana was reduced to 0 so fast I wasn't able to dps him much at all and he quickly returned to full health during the next portal phase.
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