[10H] Galakras

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[10H] Galakras

Postby fuzzygeek » Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:40 am

This late in progression hopefully your raid is geared enough to make the final burn phase as short as possible, which makes the only dangerous part of the fight pretty simple.

2 Tanks
2 Healers

Prot: Haste/Mast Hat, Hit/Mast Shoulder, Hit/Dodge Wrist, Dodge/Parry Ring
Ret: Haste/Mast Hat, Hit/Mast Shoulder, CDR Str Trinket

The only new addition is a mob that will kill the siege engineers working on the door. We had a hunter babysit right side, and a ele sham babysit right side (blowing the mob off the hill every so often).

Shamans are bastards and someone should always be sitting on them for interrupts; everyone might want to make a target-totem macro to get those down as soon as possible. In shaman packs I tell my OT to leave mobs on me for GC procs; this helps cut down incoming DPS from tidal waves and the like.

On some of the initial pulls we were slow to clear the first tower so drakes started blowing people up; it's better to send more (or all) your DPS on the first tower to shoot down the drakes as quickly as possible.

For Galakras we tank towards the back to ensure involving the NPCs (who are remarkably stupid). We use two camps, with people being intelligent about watching their own debuffs. If they got targeted they'd take a couple steps behind their pile, then move back in. We talked about a single camp with people stepping out if their stacks got high, being ready to jump back in if they got targeted, but never ended up trying that.

We lust when the boss hits 80% or so.

This is not a difficult fight; just make sure you have stuns assigned for the Bonecrushers and people sitting on shamans for interrupts.
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