[10H] Sha of Pride

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[10H] Sha of Pride

Postby fuzzygeek » Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:44 am

FatBoss overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR8mGPo4n0M

This fight is almost entirely about personal responsibility and everyone knowing what needs to be done every moment of the fight. Move out of shit, watch your debuffs. Sadly there's really not that much we as tanks can do to carry the rest of the raid; you're going to spend a lot of time wiping while they figure shit out.

2 Tanks
2 Healers
6 DPS, Ranged > Melee for positional bullshit

Our first kill was 7:37

Prot: Tier Chest, Hit/Dodge Neck, Dodge/Parry Shield
Ret: Tier Chest, Hit/Crit Boots, 2H weapon

We pull with the raid loosely spread around Garrosh's handy landmark axe, facing the Sha away from the raid. Everyone closes rifts whenever they can, with tanks watching the back half of the room; rift control is key to keeping the fight from becoming a clusterfuck.

Everyone needs to be aware of timers, and if they're going to go haring off into the wild blue yonder to close a rift, they need to make sure the banish timer isn't going to come up and fuck them thoroughly if their number comes up when they're a million miles away from the raid.

Tanks always handled the lower left prison, leaving ranged free to handle upper right. People with Gift collapsed near the axe to get the buff, then hung around the add spawn to be sure to soak the Pride when that died. Spawned reflections were picked up by the tanks and dragged a bit away from the raid so they didn't occlude the floor and keep people from seeing the shadow crashes and gaining excess pride; DPS didn't bother on them at all (other than the Lock, who got resources from them), focusing DPS on Sha itself.

Everyone has to have a personal CD prepped for Swelling Pride -- 475k is no joke. We had two paladins, so a pair of DAs was certainly helpful.

Encourage your raid to be familiar with the Pac Man mechanics before going in; they won't get much of a chance to practice. If your healer gets popped in, be prepared to pop a minor CD while they're getting released if you're on the boss.

Most of the raid damage is avoidable, save for Swelling Pride. You're better off bringing 2 healers and more DPS to shorten the fight, than bringing 3 healers to try to heal through stupid.

Our tanks were around 70 pride by the 30% mark.

We lusted during the 30% transition since you've got some time to sit there and nuke while he casts Unleashed. From 30% to 0% took us a little under 2 minutes; some folks were around 70-80 pride at that point.

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