10N Spoils of Pandaria

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10N Spoils of Pandaria

Postby Ironshield » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:20 am

First time here tonight. Any tips or tricks you can recommend? We've killed it on Flex, but it feels like chaos.
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Re: 10N Spoils of Pandaria

Postby Winkle » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:44 am

Slow and steady wins the race.

Try not to rush, only open a single large or medium at a time to begin with and then adjust to suit. The only real dangerous ability is the demolisher dude with his bombs, once you work out where people are going to drop their bombs the rest is pretty straightforward. Don't leave the kuchongs encased in amber up for to long.
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Re: 10N Spoils of Pandaria

Postby Belloc » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:48 am

It's pretty much always going to feel a little chaotic, but as long as you can remember a few key things, you should be fine:

  • Whoever gets bombs on the Klaxxi sides needs to run to a wall, preferably out of the way, turn their back and spam click their extra action button until the bombs are gone and then GTFO! Failure to properly handle this will result in deaths.

  • When opening the panda (green) crates, make sure people are prepared to run away from the spinning crane kick (it pulls you in) and dodge the flowers on the ground.

  • On the Klaxxi side, dodge Tornadoes. They move in an outward spiral pattern. Also dodge the orange circles on the ground. And, of course, the bombs that I mentioned earlier.

  • On the Mogu side, always prioritize Burial Urns when they appear. If an Urn appears, stop opening crates until it is dead. The urns will spawn sparks that range will need to kill. If they can dodge them, then that can wait until the urn is dead.

  • When you open a large crate on the Mogu side, you're going to start having a lot of stone statues spawning. Ranged, once again, should kill these. The statues will regularly wander around and do frontal cones. They are extremely easy to dodge if people are actually paying attention, but they still need to die.

  • Never ever ever open a medium crate on the Mogu side when you have a large crate mob active. Never ever ever have two medium crate mobs active at once. The Modified Anima Golems that spawn from them tend to drop healing puddles that will really screw you over if you let mobs stand in them and this will happen more than you expect, so practice prevention. Also, make sure someone is standing in each of the red beams while the anima golem is up.

  • Remember that, when you kill the panda crate mobs, they drop buff items that make the fight a lot easier. If you get the healer one, make sure the healers are facing the mobs and players, because it's a frontal effect. Also, these buffs do not activate by killing the mobs -- you actually have to click on the orb that they drop.

Now, here's how I handle things on 25-man. This should translate to 10-man, as well:

Jump down as the fight starts and immediately activate both panda crates. I usually have a DPS grab the far one while I grab the close one. Make sure you have aggro on both! They can wreck players. Once they are dead, either click the orb yourself or have someone else assigned to click it.

Now that the panda crates are down, click one of the large crates. If there are any small crates nearby, start opening up to 3 of them, as well. Remember to stop opening crates on the Mogu side if a Burial Urn appears. On the Klaxxi side, Warbringers are also dangerous. They will enrage and start hitting hard, so about 5-10 seconds after they spawn, you should probably pop a cooldown. If you find yourself getting bursted down, Warbringers are probably the reason, so don't pull more than you can handle.

As the small crate mobs die, continue opening further small crates until the large crate mob is dead. At that point, find another large crate and open it and then open nearby small crates. Again, it's usually safe to have 3 sets of small crate adds up, assuming they aren't Burial Urns or Warbringers without cooldowns.

Once both Large crates are done, you should open up a medium crate (and continuing to open as many small crates as you can handle, at least on the Klaxxi side). Around this point, your energy bar will be nearly full. This is when you should start paying attention to the energy bar. Always remember that small crates will fill the bar by 2% (1 energy, I believe), and the medium crates will fill it by 6% (3 energy). So, if you see that you're sitting at 96% energy, you should open 2 small crates. If, however, you are at 94% energy, open 1 medium crate.
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Re: 10N Spoils of Pandaria

Postby fuzzygeek » Thu Oct 17, 2013 1:15 pm

Also worth noting: You don't have to open every single crate. Every crate EXCEPT one large one will get you the required amount

That being said, on the Mogu side I actually open both large crates and skip some medium crates because the Large Mogu is trivial. On the Mantid side we'll usually lust and burn the big guy because bombs are annoying.
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Re: 10N Spoils of Pandaria

Postby Hrobertgar » Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:48 pm

Never ever ever have two medium crate mobs active at once

Actually I disagree with this. On the Mogu side two side by side medium crates are always different Mobs (one golem and one stationary). So it is ok to pop them together and nuke them, just move the golem out of the red puddle.

On Mogu Side, after the Panda crates I pick up one Large right away and the smalls nearby, the Melee usually cleave any urns so I move the Large as the urns are dieing. As the first Large is at ~ 5% I pull BOTH mediums that are between the two larges (having already cleared the smalls in that area. The golem seems to die more slowly but they still go down quick. For the second LArge, I then just kite it around spam opening small ones only for the rest of the room (briefly pausing only for melee to kill Urns). As long as all dps survive we finish like 50 secs early. We even once completed a Mogu room with an early melee suicide, although it was fairly tight.

For Mantid/Klaaxi side, we chain open an entire row of small/medium boxes first to create room, then the Larges one at a time, then whatever to finish. We usually save Hero for a Mantid Large, and try to cycle dps Cd's for the other Large boxes in both rooms. This does mean that if Hero is up dps are NOT to use dps CDs unless the other Large is already down.

As tank, I keep Seal of Righteous up most of the time, especially on mogu side. I switch to Truth for Mogu mediums and Mantid Larges. For Mantid small/med I could see almost any seal as I rarely have more than 3 adds up for more than a few moments as they drop fairly quickly.
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Re: 10N Spoils of Pandaria

Postby Belloc » Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:44 am

I don't see why you wouldn't just use Seal of Insight for literally everything, but to each his own :P
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Re: 10N Spoils of Pandaria

Postby Zalbar » Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:07 pm

The answer to most problems with spoils is open more crates and faster.

Here's one of my kills

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