10N Galakras

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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Calleana » Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:30 am

We did use the 1 stack strategy but tried 2 mini groups stacked very close together last night and found that much more survivable (same as the fatboss heroic version).

With the tank swap just make sure your stacks don't accidentally refresh by clipping a ball before you pick up again.

The NPCs seem to add a lot of damage to the fight so make sure the dragon is in their range. Not seen them kill it from 50% before!
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby mclem » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:39 am

Quick point of order, since we're having difficulty with phase 2 of the fight (And phase 1 when people drop offline unexpectedly...):

Does the orb *also* apply a stack of the debuff to the player it explodes on, or only to the nontargeted players it passes over?

We may have a suboptimal group tonight, and I'm musing on whether it's feasible to single-tank this. First tower shouldn't be too bad if, as someone here said, you can leave the NPCs to play with the drakes. Second tower is trickier, I think, but we did notice things improve yesterday when we sent an extra DPS up there such that the boss died very rapidly.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Zaeron » Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:32 pm

I can't see one tanking this fight making it easier in any way. It gives you barely any leeway with the towers, though I suppose if your group has enough dps to rip through towers that fast then you might be OK in phase 2 - but the tank swap mechanic in phase 2 is fairly non-optional.

Even if your tank is geared enough to brute force it (which I'd be pretty surprised by), I don't think it would be comfortable/pleasant.

What would make you want to single tank it anyway? If you're killing the tower before the second miniboss spawns you already have way more dps than you need.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby Kelerei » Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:49 am

Killed this last night. Here's how we did it:

The first demolisher was killed with extreme urgency (Korga the Snake was still up, but we dragged her over to the demolisher as well and let incidental AoE finish her off). Once that was done, one tank (me), one healer (disc priest) and all five of our DPS headed off to capture the tower. The second mini-boss spawned just before we captured it, but the tank and two healers that we left downstairs were easily able to handle it before we got back (I bubbled, jumped off, sprinted, and yanked the second mini-boss off my co-tank as soon as possible). Our ret pally remained on the tower to blast the proto-drakes down.

For the second tower, only our rogue and ret pally (who had finished blasting the drakes by this point) accompanied us up to take it; the second demolisher was killed with the same urgency as the first. Once the tower was nearly dead, our lock headed up for the first tower (again, our ret pally manned the newly-captured tower). There was still a Bonecrusher up at that point, so we focused on it; once it was dead, I gave the command to shoot Galakras down. By the time Galakras had landed, the remaining adds (the second ground proto-drake wave) were either dead or on their last legs.

All adds were tanked in the Flamestrike zone, except when a Demolisher was up: the group of adds was then moved to the Demolisher for incidental AoE while the Demolisher was going down, and then back to the Flamestrike zone afterwards.

We positioned Galakras in the Flamestrike zone and faced it up the hill. The rest of the raid tightly stacked behind the boss in max melee range (the healers stayed out initially so that not everyone had to simultaneously reset stacks). Anyone targeted by the orb would step back behind the group, and anyone needing to drop stacks would step further back (directly behind the orb explosion point) so that the orb would still pass through the raid if it targeted the poor sod dropping stacks. It did get a bit hairy towards the end, but we pulled it off.

My loadout for the fight was:

  • T1: Speed of Light for getting to and from towers quickly.
  • T2: Fist of Justice for Bonecrusher stuns.
  • T3: either Sacred Shield or Eternal Flame will do. On normal anyway, doesn't make too much difference.
  • T4: Although I went Unbreakable Spirit, Hand of Purity is a better choice if the P2 debuff is problematic.
  • T5: Holy Avenger, also by default.
  • T6: Light's Hammer, great for extra AoE on add packs and for extra raid healing in P2.
  • Glyphs: the one interesting choice that I made was Glyph of Blinding Light. Finally found a use for a little-used ability. Just avoid Focused Shield whatever you do.
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Re: 10N Galakras

Postby bldavis » Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:39 am

fairly similar on our kill last week

tower 1 - demo killed and team heads up with the snake being either dead or dam close to the point where i (blood dk) can finish it off
tower 1 is all dps, the other tank, and 2 of our healers, leaving me down with our best geared (and just best) healer
that tower blows up fast enough i only have to deal with dragons by myself, and the group is back down for the next wave

tower 2, miniboss dragged to the demo, both demo and miniboss killed, tower group (minus 1 melee) goes up

again we are typically on dragons when that tower is done, so when all the orcs from the previous wave are down, we send 2 people with spint/dash/some movement speed boost up to shoot down the boss and those on the ground finish off (or at least try to) the dragons

tank galakras in the flamestrike facing uphill, co tank at the side of the boss, and people behind him

i dont know what they do exactly as i have only ever (and probably will only ever) tanked this with my guild

here are some tips for my fellow dks (i know not all of us still/ever played paladins :) )
just for my own help, i have a marker at the uphill edge of the flamestrike and using the death grip range extending glyph, i can dg the archers into the flamestrike, i just have the marker so i know where to stand behind to make sure they get in the flame strike
aoe death grip does not work on them
oh i also normally take asphyxiate to help with stunning the bonecrushers, i can stun one, dg the other and generally it is taken care of in the melee pack

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