10N Immersius

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10N Immersius

Postby Hrobertgar » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:17 pm

For this fight, we had the tanks hold the boss facing left, with the OT starting with the melee group, them standing as you face the boss initially. The ranged and heals we had loosely spread in behind depending on where they were assigned in Ph2. Note that it is very easy to range your healers with only 10m, so be carefull.

I often used a big CD for Corrosive Blast as the puddles are easy to dodge and good performance in Ph2 can minimize dmg from the AOE. After I got hit with Blast, I tried switching with the other tank into melee, but by that time that area was crowded with puddles, so I actually moved further around the boss away from the entrance and was just carefull with puddles. Make certain the tank healer does not panick and get behind the tank for Blast, and during tank switch don't be over-eager and get caught. I clipped the other tank's Blast when I had the debuff once and insta died.

When the boss does his swirl ability, your ranged and healers can easily avoid it as it only has a ~40ish yard range - anyways they could dps/heal from max range and NOT get hit. As for melee and tanks, look at the boss he will spin and face a random direction then do a half or so circle (maybe 2/3 even). Easy to tell if you need to move or not if you are paying attention - his final facing is completely random and he would sometimes choose the part of the room that was empty. Having the ranged/heals mostly avoid the swirl was a big help!

Definitely pop hero off the bat and nuke. I think his first time reforming he was around 80%ish and about 55% the second time, just for reference.

For interphase we had pre-assigned positions for everyone in the raid - 3 equally spaced groups. Two groups of dps to either side of the front and tanks in the back, with healers spread out. You can see the globs fly - identify their color and their landing spots and prepare yourself. Stun one Black one by itself then nuke the others and return to the stunned one. Healers should blast 1-2 quick heals on a Blue one then go to the next one if there are multiple - targeting Macros help here - they are Called Contaminated Puddle per the Dungeon Journal. On my healer I actually use a special command bar with the targeting macro and direct heal spells. The Blues have low health and heal up quick - slowing as you heal them. Slow one and go onto another if there are multiple, then return to the slow one. Note as the blobs make it back to the center they explode for a lot, if many reach simultaneously it HURTS - use raid CDs - and stun the adds to break up when they reach the center. He won't reform until the last add reaches him, so you can eyeball it an get back into position.

Later in the fight there may only be enough Black ones to keep 1-2 dps busy, so have others be prepared to drop quick heals on Blue to help slow them as healer won't be able to get to all of them by themselves. Again it helps to spread out the AOE dmg so the healers can catch up.

As the adds get to 0% health (Black) 100% (Blue) they explode and provide those in range with a nice buff. dps buff for Black blobs, heal buff for Blue blobs. The buff DOES stack, and lasts several seconds - build a nice stack for yourself and refresh it with that stunned add.

Hope that helps anyone having a little trouble.
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Re: 10N Immersius

Postby Thels » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:20 am

Nice writeup :) A few minor comments:

It doesn't really matter what direction you face the boss. We actually faced him towards the entrance. What is important is to place a world marker in the direction the boss will be tanked, as a big warning to nontanks not to go there.

I also don't think it's too smart to group the melee up. You get a lot of puddles really fast. Better to spread them out. Especially on 25 man, but even on 10 man, the floor is being covered fast. We have had the people spread out the entire fight, rather than only during submerges. This way the puddles on the ground are spread more, and people have to move less before/after submerge.

Lastly, if you have a tank death halfway the fight, don't wipe it. Instead, try to push DPS a bit (pop Heroism if you haven't done so yet). It is quite possible to burn the boss down to 0% health with only a single breath, and thus tank switches are no longer required.
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Re: 10N Immersius

Postby Ironshield » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:32 am

We killed this boss on Wednesday without too much trouble. Once you get used to all the puddles and swirls etc... it becomes very manageable. A tank can easily kill an add or two especially if you get a buff from killing the first time.

The blobs do NOT spread in a uniform fashion, sometimes we had ~6 at our tank spot and sometimes I had to run off looking for someone to help. The spawn spots are pretty obvious, as soon as you see the P1 void puddles getting sucked in, leg it to the outer diameter and look for splashy graphic. Stuns and roots etc... all work on the hostile adds so use them liberally. And remember we can even one shot heal up a healy add with Lay on Hands if you haven't used it already towards the end :)

I second the "be careful of corrosive blast" warning. Make sure you're well clear when you're off tanking, there's plenty of time to get back in position after you taunt and it's probably best not to be fulling up the tanking spot with void puddles when you're not tanking anyway. Be careful when placing your puddles that you don't move to far back, his melee range is quite large but since he is MASSIVE you can't move too far back before he decides to one shot a melee.

And now a question. Do you guys think this boss will be one tankable for a tankadin with a legendary cloak?
Blast 1. Normal, Blast 2. Cloak, Blast 3. AD, Blast 4. Cloak, Bubble if needed, should have a split soon. There after if enough blobs are down you shouldn't be getting more than 3, so Cloak and AD should be able to handle it? or am I off somewhere? Especially if you can get enough other mitigation up to take the Second hit.
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Re: 10N Immersius

Postby Sagara » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:45 am

I'm fairly confident it's going to be one-tankable sometime soon. It's the first and to a lesser extend the second P1 that is a threat, but once again our DOUBLE cheat death will laugh at those.
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Re: 10N Immersius

Postby Darielle » Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:43 am

Sagara wrote:I'm fairly confident it's going to be one-tankable sometime soon. It's the first and to a lesser extend the second P1 that is a threat, but once again our DOUBLE cheat death will laugh at those.

If you kill him too fast the debuff doesn't fall off if you're 1-tanking. At a 300% amp, it ramps up pretty fast.
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Re: 10N Immersius

Postby yudrig » Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:51 pm

Sagara wrote:I'm fairly confident it's going to be one-tankable sometime soon. It's the first and to a lesser extend the second P1 that is a threat, but once again our DOUBLE cheat death will laugh at those.

Agreed, as DPS goes up, and with double cheat death and Divine Protection (unglyphed), this will be doable in a few weeks likely.
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Re: 10N Immersius

Postby Thark » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:40 am

As far as solo tanking it, for our kill last week we never had 2 blasts in a phase as I recall. I started the fight and the other tank never had occasion to taunt it off me, and afterwards we agreed to solo-tank it this week. However we are on 25 and perhaps it is different between raid sizes.
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Re: 10N Immersius

Postby Winkle » Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:04 am

I've already solo tanked it, as Darielle points out you risk killing the boss too fast and the debuff not having time to drop off during the intermission.
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