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[25] Ji-Kun

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[25] Ji-Kun

Postby Sagara » Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:19 am

Fairly straightfoward boss for us. I considered regemming for mastery after two bosses' worth of *TIMED MASSIVE HITS OH!* but decided against it.

I'm using HoPurity, but find it a bit lackluster as it just controls the bleed debuff which isn't that dangerous. OTOH, the ability to eat pool after pool after pool and then clean the whole debuff up with Bubble only to KEEP EATING is always fun.

The big, big issue we're having is actually technical - 5-10 players have a huge lag spike (upwards of 3 seconds) somewhere around the 30% health mark. Being one of them, and eating a freaking Strike at that specific moment isn't much fun.

Anyone experienced that? Any solution apparent?
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Re: [25] Ji-Kun

Postby Belloc » Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:06 am

If it happens regularly enough, you could either hit a long cooldown (even though I use pretty much of all my cooldowns for eating slime) or have the other tank take it for an extra cycle or two? Our DK was able to handle it up to the 5th hit, but that was 10 man so I can't exactly compare the damage.

If it happens reliably enough around 30%, though, I just suggest having the other tank hold the boss until the lag disappears.

Now here's my question: Why is it that the 3-second slime timer resets if you enter a group of puddles such that one of the slime puddles doesn't hit you at the same time as the others? I'm really tired of standing in 4 puddles for 3 seconds, getting 1 stack, and then having to stay there for another 3 seconds to get the other puddles to disappear.
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Re: [25] Ji-Kun

Postby Mordral » Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:25 pm

Our guild has been a 3 tank guild since BC and when we got to Ji-Kun we were undergeared for a multitude of reasons. Between Rake and drool puddles, we actually went to a three tank strategy where each tank takes one Rake while the other two are slurping up drool puddles.

May not be optimal, but it was functional for us and got us a kill and really trivialized the encounter outside of nest groups.
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