[25H] Shek'zeer

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[25H] Shek'zeer

Postby samsara » Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:57 am


we where trying Shekzeer yesterday and one evening last week and we also once make it to P3.

But i have some sort of a problem. I sometimes get instagibbed by the windblades.

We have 3 tanks, Monk, DK, Protpaladin (me)

DK takes the big adds, Monk 3 windblades and me also 3 windblades.

Most of our whipes are due to tankdeath, at start of first p2 or start of 2nd p2.

We allready figured out that Mass-Stun is not a good idea as the Windlordswingtimer gets synced somehow and they just hit simultaniosly with somewhat arount 3 * 150-200k/sec

It helped a bit when we singletarget stuned them but we still die sometimes to them. Is there a way to play it "save"? When windlords spawn i use Guardian, when guardian is 1 or 2 secs left i use Divine Shield together with Ardent defender, and when this runs out I use Avenger.

We tried focusing 1 add on each site but somehow our dmg was not enough and we had still a few windblades left when p2 ends. (though only 2 tries with focusing on 1 add).

How do you handle adds?

I have seen on a few videos that warlock portals are placed from the middle to the edges of the room. we have them from one side to the other for ppl who run to the wrong direction so they can avoid kite the adds through the other addpack. Is the reason to place them to the edge of the room that the kite-way is longer and melee's can nuke them singletarget?

Most of the fight seems compareable to 10 man but i think the add's part is quite different from 25 :)
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Re: [25H] Shek'zeer

Postby Chronos » Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:16 am

A lot of people seem to want to facetank these windblades with cooldowns... are they not kiteable in 25H? Dazing shield + pursuit of justice 5 hp and run in a big circle around the area resin is being dropped in for traps? Throw in hunter traps / shaman totems / etc. Single target long duration stuns like HOJ until one leaves due to fixate seems helpful, avoids swing timer line up, focusing one down to take pressure off also seems like the way to go. I would hazard a guess that the warlock portals might even be set up that way for the tank to take them after building aggro?

I would holy avenger first for threat and damage purposes.

(I haven't killed it on heroic, just some ideas for you)
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Re: [25H] Shek'zeer

Postby Treck » Sat Feb 09, 2013 9:35 am

The whole point with warlock portals is outdated.
Nowadays when fixate ends, the target loose all threat, before they didnt, so after the fixate ended they could change targets but main target was still 1st choise.
Still they are not a bad idea, but they dont really change anything (you can jump through the portal during fixate and while you have the debuff they wont go back to you, the idea is to still have the debuff when fixate ends)

Personally, I always make sure I have +100k vengeance when p2 starts (easy if you make sure you keep vengeance buff refreshed) and keep avengers shield off cooldown to easily pick up the 3 windblades.
If you start with 5 Holy power as well, you can use 2x shieldslams to buy you 6sec of uptime + divine protection.
After that you should have a bit of vengeance as well, so just pop Holy avenger and spamm those shieldslams, thats easily over 20sec of shield of the righteous uptime.

IF at this point you are having problems surviving, use Ardent defender coupled with Holy avenger.
During HA, dont forget to refresh Sacred Shield when you have a lot of vengeance (dont sacrifice HP generating GCDs for it tho) since 300k+ vengeance SS does a lot of mitigation :P
Once these CDs run out, hopefully one or several adds should be running around focusing others.
My experience is that if you only have 2 adds on you, you should not have to use CDs to survive, and you can even start building up Holy Power for when the 3rd add comes back, thats what I save Guardian for (I sometimes end up not even having to use it cause another starts focusing before the 3rd comes back).
IF you do have to use Guardian early, be ready if two are still on you and the 3rd one is running around, alert the healers (priests) that you might need to get a CD IF the 3rd one comes back before anotherone fixates.

And like you mentioned, aoe stunning is a bad Idea, single stuns are pretty great tho, especially if there are 3 on you atm.
But focusing an add on each side is a bad Idea imo, you want much dps, tanks will do craptons of damage, so while you can target one more than the others, still try to aoe as much as possible.
If you focus one down and it fixates, you will lose way to much dps.
Also, IF 2 adds on one side fixates, that tank wont take any damage, but it might mean the other tank might be getting smashed, so good tank communication is important here, the tank who only has one on him should taunt one add from the other tank, so its 2-2, instead of 1-3, but coordinate, but take note that when the fixates ends, the tanks will have 4-2, so the tank who lost one, needs to take one back.
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Re: [25H] Shek'zeer

Postby Syyllinen » Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:22 am

What i've been doing is this:
1. When the adds spawn i'll pop guardian to ease the first burst.
2. When guardian ends i'll use Holy Avenger. By the time HA ends one of the adds has usually fixated and the damage taken is greatly reduced, when there's only 2 adds on range I don't need any cooldowns. If the adds havn't fixated i'll use AD.
3. When there's 3 adds on me again. Pop AD if it's up, if not ask for PS / IB.

So, Guardian + HA are the go-to cooldowns for me. AD is sort of a backup if the adds don't feel like fixating.
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Re: [25H] Shek'zeer

Postby samsara » Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:27 am

thx for all the help, we downed it yesterday and i didn't died :) the addphase was generaly a bit smother, dunno why, maybe a bit different setup and no aoe stuns
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