[25H] Lei Shi(tanking)

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[25H] Lei Shi(tanking)

Postby Calderi » Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:27 am

Right, we've had a few attempts on Lei Shi last night with a monk and warrior tank on 25man, tonight it'll be me(prot paladin) & the warrior tanking her but I am uncertain of what I should aim for, mastery(Bastion of Glory) or just pure stamina, looking at the fight its almost pure magical damage, which would make our Shield of the Righteous pretty useless(exept for the damage), overall I'd say stamina is the better option, it would give the healers a bigger chance of healing me up and it would give me a bigger overall healthpool(going with double stamina trinkets.), If anyone has killed Lei Shi 25man Heroic and could share their information it would be fantastic.
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Re: [25H] Lei Shi(tanking)

Postby samsara » Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:42 am

I didn't change much for Lei Shi

* Don't use Glyph of Divine Protection (i sometimes forget to switch it, but for progressing its relly cool if you have 40% :) )

* Stamina is your friend

* Be prepared to Stun a Add, sometimes they spawn a bit shitty, so it can happen that a add will spawn directly in your back and then it's safer to give it a quick stun, anyway we usualy also keep the focus target add stuned

* Try to be on time with taunting, i think cast speed from lei shi is somewhere between 0.7 and 1 sec , every second you are beeing late with taunting when your debuff goes off means massive ammount of dmg to the other tank

* LVL60 Talent Unbreakable Spirit is a good choice on this fight as you can use the 40% Magic Dmg more often, but you can also consider Hand of Purity for "Dmg Stack Collectors" Outside , i usualy use the Unbreakable spirit as our Dmg-Stack-Collectors and Healers got their stuff done and i have to worry more about not dying.

Our biggest problem in Progression was

* Addhandling: We had problems how to decide which add will be focused and what adds will get cc'd by whom. Solution for us was a DK with assist who gripped one add near the tank and marked it with skull. All other Add's are beeing cc'd depending theirs spawn possition (wl1 take right back, wl1 right front, hunter1 left front .... and so on)

* DMG-Stack-Collectors dying because they where too stoned and killed themselves :>

* Don't try to take more stacks as you can survive!

It happened to me on a few tries that i just had taken the boss on addspawn and other tank took the add and me or the other tank died because we decided to take too many debuffs just for the melees not have to move much (in case the add isn't stunned). It's better to switch add<->boss at the normal rate as to try to extend bosstanking with some cooldowns. I had tries where i took >20 stacks with DP and GoAK and survived but most of the time i would have been happy if i had those cooldowns a bit later on :)

PS: make sure you have something for the last 20% of the boss, it drops very quickly because of the 20 stack debuff collectors but raid also drops a bit and thats the time where the tanks realy get punched into their face
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Re: [25H] Lei Shi(tanking)

Postby Vayacondios » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:56 am

I raid 10 man so I don't have the same amount of externals as you do in a 25 so I have to change a bit more to make it comfy for me to tank. Also I tank Lei Shi during every protecters phase so I spend a lot of time without being able to gen holy power.

    Sanctified Wrath as your lvl 75 talent, personally I hate it for every fight other than Lei Shi, but DP and UA is just about useless there.

    Holy Prism is my go to talent for just about everything now a days, I have a lot more fun with it than ExS or LH, I use it with a self cast macro so I get the good heal every 20s. Super awesome. You being in a 25m LH might be worth more to the raid.

    I drop Alabaster Shield and take Avenging Wrath, it doesn't help a LOT but it helps a good bit and Alabaster Shield isn't worth jack.

    The other two glyphs I use are Holy Wrath and Battle healer, Wrath is nice for stuning adds and battle healer is just...awesome...always.

    I throw on one of my stam trinks, other than that I don't change any of my gearing.

Hope it helps!
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Re: [25H] Lei Shi(tanking)

Postby samsara » Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:17 pm


realy dirty kill last night with tank pov and last 15% one tank as our dk died and brezzes where out for octopussys :) (we actually figured out tonight that if someone is as stupid to fall down little octopussys spawn )

(caution: in german, a bit swearing, me featuring in darth vader bathmantle )
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Re: [25H] Lei Shi(tanking)

Postby Paoanii » Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:42 pm

Honestly, I see no reason not to 3 tank the fight. Thats what we did tonight for our first kill and it took us only around an hour and a half of attempts to get it, with nothing even close to a tank death except when we screwed up CC. It lets tanks keep swapping during protect (one goes to adds, other 2 swap the boss) and when you're just tanking outside of protect no tank goes above ~10 stacks so you get easily manageable tank damage.

Video isn't posted yet, but I can link to our logs for reference: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-1 ... 868&e=6266

(We also only had 1 person handle scary fog and he just kept refreshing his 20-stack the full fight)
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Re: [25H] Lei Shi(tanking)

Postby Soloz » Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:50 am

if you have 3 warriors in your raid(or even 2) you can have them mocking banner and kite, its what my raid does. If you only have 2 one of the tanks will need to take an add at the 40% mark. we usually have the adds stunned until they die also.
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