[10N] Will of the Emperors

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Re: [10N] Will of the Emperors

Postby Xfighter » Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:22 pm

Flex wrote:we got to this boss last night for the first time. Our set up is 2 healers and 6 DPS. Our hunter was mentioning he had low DPS uptime on the adds due to what the other DPS could put out and the relative lack of burst Survival (hunters in general?) has. Would keeping him on the boss full time be advisable?

There's a few factors to consider on if it's advisable:
1) are you struggling on the adds as it is already? (are you getting behind on adds as new ones spawn, or are they dying and you wait for the next set to come?) if you're waiting around for spawns, then you could have him on the bosses.
2) if you already have a melee on the boss other than a tank, then the hunter is not able to go to adds, at least not for a progression kill/in lower gear.

Overall, he should be fine on adds, as none of the hunters we've brought along (Alts/casuals in the guild) have ever complanied about add damage being low.

-if you're ahead on add damage as it is, it couldn't hurt to try it
-if you're just making add benchmarks withthe hunter on adds, he has to stay on them
-if hunter does go on bosses, might be good to see if he can do the dance consistently, and if so to dps in melee range for extra strikes (since hunters can cast while moving)

-in general, keeping him on adds for a first kill will probably be your best bet, as faster adds go, more time the rest of the damage can have on the boss as well. The fight ending relies mostly on your tanks dodging and doing good dps to the bosses while DPS ensure adds don't get out of control.
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