[10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

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Re: [10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

Postby Olen » Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:43 pm

In case someone is on H Garrosh still:
with the additional 8 ilvl boost, its plenty possible to 1tank/2heal this fight, and avoid a 2nd dream phase altogether. It takes good dps, but the rest is straightforward.
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Re: [10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

Postby Schroom » Wed Jul 02, 2014 11:06 pm

yes, also possible with 2 tanks and 2 healers. although it is preferable to do a DPS stop and just wait out the 2nd dream phase in the back (not playing it, don't trigger the adds, just stand back and wait)

why? if you skip the phase altogether and go to P3 immediately, your DPS Cooldowns won't be ready again, which could lead to missing DPS in P3 to enter P4 before the 2nd whirlwind.

we prefer wait, play 2 whirlwinds and 2 times adds in P2 after the 2nd dream before entering P3. having all our DPS CDs back up and just nuke it into P4.
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Re: [10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

Postby Taeron » Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:32 pm


Not sure if anyone still lingers here but ... After a long break my guild restarted raiding and we got stuck on figuring out how to even get Garrosh HC going.

The problem is, random dps, one or two, always get wrecked in P1 by warbringers. We use all the AoE stuns, but somehow we always keep losing someone.

Paladin tank
DK tank
Disco priest
Holy paladin
Enh shaman
Ele shaman
Feral druid

So my two questions are:

1) How do you handle adds in P1? Is there a trick for the tank to get more on him or do you rotate stuns or just burn through?

2) Who do you send to kill the engineer? We saw in some guide that they used dps and one of the healers so we are sending hunter and disco priest. Is this bad?

Thank you for any info you can give.
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Re: [10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

Postby Schroom » Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:02 am

Ok, I guess it is the Enh. shaman and the Feral Druid that get wrecked?

if it isn't your melees than your ranged DPS are failing. yes they should be close to the middle (except the 3 that run out for the weapon and the guy with engineer duty) but not as close as the melees.

usually when adds spawn, I run out to get the adds first. so I have them initially. then we have our DK massgip them to the boss, so they are all guarantied to be clumped up. only after that they start rescanning for targets.

they seem to behave in the way that they aggro on a random player out of the 4 players closest to them. (no confirmation, that is what we noticed while playing with only 1 melee)

for adds, yes you can stun, you can also push them (druid and shaman are amazing for this)

the first wave we kill on cleave damage together with the first weapon (focus damage).

the second wave of adds, we occupy with stuns and pushes until we get the iron star. then we just push them i there.

it still happens smetimes that one of the melees gets killed by the adds. there is always a chance, but usually we play with personal and external CDs on the melees if they have trubble.
also healers can focus melees, as tanks and melees are the only ones really getting damaged here. (make sure to put your tanks and melees in the same group as your disc priest)

as for engineers. Warlocks can solo this easily. I'm sure every 14/14 HM warlock can tell your warlock how to do this. I only know that he has to specc destro, keep max amber and be in position when the engineer spawns in order do chaosbolt him down.

TIP. the hardest part of the fight are P1 until you work out how to handle adds. AND the toughest part is the first intermission. to clear the room before Garrosh reaches 25 energy. you are going to have a hard time without a Blance druid who keeps his Cooldowns for this.

if it helps in any way, here is our firs kill video from back then. (it's in German, but you get the tactics by watching the vid. I guess ^^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9WA2xUJVyg
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Re: [10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

Postby Kai » Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:33 am

common cause for having people get gibbed by warbringers is range dps and healers just not grouping up. it's pretty convenient for them to just step 5y back and never get hit as the warbringers only fixate on players close to them. however if all do that, that obviously means your 2 melees have a very high chance to get fixated by 2+ mobs. after garrosh's warcry they hit for up to 300k, so having multiples is bad.
make sure your range dps are actually standing close enough to get fixates, at least some of them. also blow at least one shaman AG on those adds. the CD is two minutes. they are up again for the phase 2 whirls. elemental AG when aoeing with chain lightning means everyone is topped during it's duration. he should use that when the war cry goes off. druids and shamans can also knock adds back, buying healers a bit of time and causing them to refixate.

for the engineer, can send the disc, there's not much to heal, but a dps should be able to solo that. warlock is very easy with chaos bolt but warlock is also great aoe. we have our warlock do the first and then a not-so-great aoe class do the second. for the second impact you'll most likely be somewhat middlish so you'll take more wheel impact dmg. should aura mastery that and disc priest needs to be ready to shield anyone that takes a warbringer hit shortly before the impact in case those aren't dead.

and then you need to read up on first intermission. still the most annoying part of the fight.
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Re: [10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

Postby Taeron » Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:42 pm

Schroom, Kai, thank you so much for that info. We polished that phase and started making progress. As you have expected, first intermission is our next step so if you don't mind, I have a couple of questions more...

We can't reliably finish the adds before 25 energy so we are trying various combinations. 3 dps/3 dps/ rest middle is what we tried last and it was a bit meh. I let the other tank taunt Garry a couple of sec before intermission but I am not sure if it's worth it.

Trying to squeeze more dps out overall has me thinking we should just one tank the whole fight. Then again, maybe a better distribution would work just fine. We tried sort of like Kai has it (tank + 1 dps on one group) but RL decided to change it before we got any real practice with it.

What would you suggest for intermission group distribution and is it valid for the other tank to taunt for some vengeance?

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Re: [10H] Garrosh Hellscream (Guide)

Postby Schroom » Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:52 pm

yes, what we do, the off tank taunts about 4 seconds before the intermission, to stack some vengeance.

also we have our moonkin safe his CDs entirely for this phase. they do amazing AE DPS and with CDs an Starfall and everything they just mow everything down ^^

that's why I said a Moonkin would make it easier.

it could still be viably for you to have a DPS class with amazing AE DPS safe his Cds for this phase.

note that you still need a certain amount of DPS in Phase 1 tho.

for group distribution. as a Tauren paladin i do middle alone. you can stun with glyphed Holy wrath and the Tauren stomp.

we have a left group and a right group, me and the AE DPS that keeps CDs. so 4 Players on each side to DPS the groups and also we worked out a stun and kick rotation so nothing gets through. (shaman totem works to, but needs some practice)

I join the left group, while our Moonkin joins the right group when we are done with the first 3 groups and run inside.

the first 2 groups need to be dun the second I stun the middle group for the second time.

the middle group dies meanwhile while everybody runs in before the do a 3rd cast.

mow down the groups inside and have a tank trigger Garrosh instantly. because he only stops gathering Energie when he is triggered. if not triggered he continues gathering energy even when you killed all the adds!

communicate where you have barriers tog gather the buff for damage reduction.

as a tank you don't really need it, unless you want to do some vengeance exploitation.

now worth this info watch that part of my video again and you'll see just that.

other solutions to this exist and are viable, you may have to tweak it in order for it to fit your group.

good luck.
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