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Re: MoP Crafted gear....

Postby Skye1013 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:43 pm

Nooska wrote:Be on a server with old and much money ;)

Yeah on beta we have all the millionaires copying several millions - I did earn 100k in 2 days from simply selling off leather though, I may actually do that initially this time rather than use it myself (I need the scales to make any mail gear anyway *sigh*)

Beta also had a bug when it came to vendoring stacks of items, giving you the full stack price for each individual item in the stack (so a stack of 20 items that normally would vendor for 15g would net you 300g instead.) Buying in stacks worked the same way, but you could purchase items individually, sell them back as a stack, and make money. I believe Elemental Flux (or whatever it's called from BS suppliers) "capped" out what you could make from a single stack. Anything higher and it could crash you or cause other issues.
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