Shadowrun Returns

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Shadowrun Returns

Postby Sagara » Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:32 am

Just discovered a Kickstarterthat completed some time ago, and the actual gameplay seems tasty enough for me.

So before doing the big jump, I wanted to ask if anyone had tried it yet, and what they thought of it :) A bit of context to help comments and opinions to help me...
Since i've basically stopped WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone and pretty much a crapton of every other kind of kind, I'm looking for a nice game that has the following:

- Western RPG-like party (think Bioware RPGs where your relationships evolve depending on dialogue and quest choices)
- Lots of side content (not to the extend of Sandboxes, but absolute linearity is a no-no)
- Lots of character in the people and the setting (seems to be O.K., it's Shadowrun after all :-p )
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Re: Shadowrun Returns

Postby sahiel » Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:18 am

I backed the Kickstarter and am a huge fan of Shadowrun.

Personally I really enjoyed it, about 10-15 hours of classic Shadowrun gaming, lots of variety in character choice and fun npc's/story. However, it is pretty definitely a linear story, sure there are mini sidequests on maps you can do but they're all basically solved on the map you encounter them (violence or talk depends upon your skill/stat choices). There is a new 10-15 hour story coming in March I believe that is supposed to be more open world and sandboxey, a main story but with actual side stories going on apparently. Also, there's not a ton of interaction with your companions as they're mostly hired Shadowrunners who you swap in and out as needed, there are a couple of 'story' characters who can run with you and affect a bit, but not much.

Of note as well, there is a *huge* community of modders who have sprung up around the game, it is by design, very accessible to creating your own stuff with and there are a lot (some very good) of adventures and expacs out there for it, the Steam community hub is a great place to start looking.

Overall, I like it, it was well worth backing the Kickstarter for me and I would recommend it to fans of Shadowrun with the proviso that the base adventure is decent but not amazing and a little linear, but that it has a ton of potential if you're willing to try the free fan created content.
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