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D3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls

Postby Pfife » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:07 am

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/reaper-of-souls/ for the official site.

The following was taken off the FAQ thread on the new forums.

Important Info
Release Date: 2014!
Expect much more at BlizzCon

Twitter Hashtag: I've been using: #ReaperOfSouls, the cinematic says #D3RoS
Is it free?! (NOTE: Heart of the Swarm was $40, Collector's Edition was $80).
08/21/2013 11:53 AMPosted by Grimiku

We want to implement a lot of the new systems and features in a pre-expansion patch for free. That should include Paragon 2.0, Loot 2.0, Loot Runs,
and Nephalem Trials. For now, you'll need to purchase the expansion to play as the Crusader, explore Act V, unlock the Mystic, and level up to 70.
These details may change as development moves along, but we want some of the core gameplay improvements to be available for everyone.

Opening Cinematic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb7QJwQ58T0
Gameplay Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGp5dkJdi0w
Crusader Press Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsgUzcAAuUQ
(Clip of above video) Crusader Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX3xu37dU1w
Loot 2.0 GameCom Presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dUnezvW4Pg
Press Release: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/pr ... d=10697951
Mini-Site: http://www.diablo3.com/reaperofsouls

Malthael (previously Angel of Wisdom, now Angel of Death) is the primary antagonist: Returned from the void as the Reaper of Souls,
with his wings turned skeletal. Malthael wants to end the Eternal Conflict by destroying all demons and he’s not fond of humans either.
He can turn the dead against the living.

New Features
New Class: Crusader: Modern-day Paladin

Resource System/Stat: Wrath, Strength Hero

Items: Shields and Flails

Skill Categories: Primary, Secondary, Defensive, Utility, Laws, Conviction

Known Active Skills: Sweep Attack, Shield Glare, Judgement, Laws of Justice, Heaven's Fury, Consecration, Shield Bash, Fist of the Heavens,
Blessed Shield, Blessed Hammer, Falling Sword, Punish

Secondary Active Skills: Shield Bash, Fist of the Heavens, Sweep Attack, Blessed Shield, Blessed Hammer

Fist of the Heavens Skill Runes: Tempest of the Heavens, Well of Retribution, Lightning Rod, Reverberation, [unnamed]

Known Passive Skills: Indestructible, Wrathful, Wrecking Ball, Against All Odds, Finery, Heavenly Strength, Holy Cause, Vigilant,
Long Arm of the Law, Stand Your Ground

Driven by a centuries-long quest to cleanse the corruption blighting their beloved Zakarum faith, Crusaders are warriors of righteousness
who have been hardened through relentless, brutal combat with the foul evils plaguing eastern Sanctuary. In addition to wearing immensely
heavy armor and wielding a wide range of cruel and punishing weapons, this new playable class in Reaper of Souls uses battle magic to strengthen
allies and weaken foes. A natural walking tank, the Crusader adds power and versatility to any party of adventurers.

New Area: Act V, Westmarch/Pandemonium Fortress

Known locations: Westmarch Overlook, The Wolf Gate, Moldering Waterway, Old Storehouse, Streets of Westmarch, Cathedral Courtyard, Zakarum Cathedral
Seamless interior/exterior location travel: Absolutely no load time between traveling zones, this is actually pretty unbelievable. Watch in the Shaky Cam video above.

Increased Level Cap: Level 70 is the new cap for non-Paragon Levels. All classes gain new skills and abilities.

Paragon 2.0

Paragon Level experience shared account-wide

Paragon Level cap removed

Paragon Points System: Can be distributed between STR/VIT/DEX/INT, Move Speed, Crit, etc, and can be respecced!

Game Modes: Loot Runs and Nephalem Trials, sounds like MF runs and infinite dungeon game modes! Loot runs are 15-20 minute, multi-tiered, dungeons that are completely randomized, including bosses randomized bosses

New loot (Loot 2.0)

Multi-level Legendary Items

Smart Drops: Less frequent, more relevant item drops. Items that will drop with stats tailored to the class you are playing.
New Blacksmith and Jeweler item-crafting options

Mystic Returns: Enchanting allows you to reroll an affix on a Lgendary or Rare items as well as a Transmogrification system.

Legendaries can drop for all iLvl

New Crafting Reagent for Common Items

Puzzle Ring changes

Serpent's Sparker (Wizard)

Dead Man's Legacy (Demon Hunter)

Jawbreaker (Monk)

God Butcher (Crusader)

New monsters
Summoner of Death
Death Maiden: Mini-boss (Crucible Guardian)
Shadow of Death
Revenant Soldier/Archer/Shield Guard (Reaper Monster Type)

Randomized environments

New NPC's

Lorath Nahr: Horadrim Tyrael sends to gather the Nephalem in the Cinematic

General Torion

New Quests
The Fall of Westmarch

New Stats
Toughness: Appears to be your EffectiveHP

Unanswered Questions?

What is the status of PvP?

How does the Paragon level increase change MF/GF/EXP?

What about the Talisman (and runes/charms)?

Any new Gems or socketables?


Where is Adria in all of this?

What about the D2 classes we haven't heard about?

Whether there will still be 4 difficulties?

Will there be another class other than the Crusader?

Will there be any major RMAH changes?

What changes are being made to the previous 4 acts?

Extended Affix pool for monsters?

Any updates on a ladder system?

Will dead Hardcore characters count toward the total Paragon level points?

Will there be an open world mode?

Will there be any changes to current mechanics (ubers, MP, etc)?

Is the Paragon level points experience system split between SC/HC or is it account wide?

Will the character cap be raised from 10 to 12 [per account]?

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Looks like we are going to have tankadins in D3. This pleases me.
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Re: D3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls

Postby Worldie » Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:54 am

I'm gonna keep only 1 topic about this if you don't mind man :)
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