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Postby Njall » Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:29 am

Nooska wrote:*casts revive thread*

Anyone around that (still) plays a bit of swtor?

I recetly picked it up, mostly for the story, but if anyone is around and maybe knows of a guild or such that would be awesome.
I've started as a Jedi Knight, EU, PVE English (Red Eclipse I think the server is called, there is only the one) - current plans is merely to play through the stories.

I may get back into it now that I'm sort of sick of WOD. Assuming I don't go back to playing the very excellent The Secret World.

Personally, I think the Imperial Agent and Jedi get the best stories though I do like the Sith Warrior, if only because he's such a rampaging dork.
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