Hardware upgrade, can someone vet it for me please?

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Re: Hardware upgrade, can someone vet it for me please?

Postby tullock » Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:37 am

Well, you can buy a quad kit, for whatever assurance that it will work, though often times its motherboard bioses that give ram related problems, so even if they tested it, it may not work in your pc. This has nothing to do with 2 or 4 stick matching sets though, some ram simply just doesnt play nice in some motherboards. However, this is mostly limited to the very high end of ram, i.e. buying 2133 ram that wont work above 1600 or 1866 in a given board. The rest of the problems stem from needing to slightly raise the memory controller or northbridge voltage to get 4 sticks to run well together, as often times what speed and timings work with 2 sticks will put more stress on the memory controller with 4. So you may have memory related stability problems unless you lower memory speed/timings or raise key voltages. Again, this is seen more at the high end of ram speed than the low end.

Ive never had any trouble getting identical sticks to run together in a board, regardless of how they were bought, and i have even had a great deal of success running sticks from different manufacturers, with different speed ratings, memory chips, and different voltage requirements, something the ram makers would like you to believe just doesnt work. If i saw a quad channel kit of ram and it was the same price or less than two matching dual channel sets, id buy it. If it was even a dollar cheaper to buy the two dual channel kits, i would (and have) buy the cheaper option.
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