Legendary Staff Quest

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Legendary Staff Quest

Postby Hrobertgar » Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:07 am

Last week our mage amassed the 25 embers for the first part of the staff quest. So we got to do the boss segments mostly this week and then last night we did the special boss for the ph1 staff. I jsut thought that I would share what we went thru as far as I recall it. We are a 10m guild, so its possible the extra boss is different but I suspect the rest is the same.

Shannox: As the tank healer, I'm not always able to see axactly what the rest of the raid is doing, but I do recall that once he had collected 3 or 4 drops (I think from forzen dogs) he had to assembly them into a package and then deposit it into the spear throw area and return to collect it later. The mage was able to get out of the area so as not to take excessive damage from the spear throw fire. Other than the mage activity we did the boss completely normal: burn rage down, bring boss to 35%, burn rip, finish boss. As the tank healer I am not certain exactly what he was collecting, but it did not appear to impact the encounter at all.

Beth'tilac: Each time a Drone goes down it drops something. The mage gathered 3 drops (but did NOT then assemble them), then we wiped intentionally. On the next go, the mage assembled the drops into a package lasting a few minutes, then went up with me and the tank and our rogue to drop the package off up above and do a smidgeon of dps while he was there. Then we all drop down leaving the package exposed to devastation. The mage briefly returns and colelcts the modified package for the quest and we finish the boss as normal.

Lord Rhyolith: Little yellow acorns, maybe 1/3 the size of a Gnome will appear on the ground. The mage must pick up 3-4 of these and assemble into a package and then leave under the boss' foot to be stomped on, and then retrieve it afterwards. Again, no impact to our kill except for slightly messy steering while the mage was distracted as he usually steers.

Alysrazor: We actually did this one last week once he completed gathering the embers. Again, the little yellow things same as Rhyolith. They start dropping off either the boss or the adds right away, and even dropepd this week before we did the special boss (ie he was still on this phase of that quest). The mage is normaly our flyer, so we had a stand in so he coulds tay down and collect the acorns. Then he had to put them someplace to activate them like the other bosses, again it was no impact to our normal strategy, except for the switch to our flyer.

Special boss: Woots! Ok, so take the path from Beth'tilac towards Baleroc. Before crossing the bridge, go left parallel to the lava channel and up ahead there is a portal. The mage (or whomever is on the quest) must do something to activate the portal, then dismount and enter like other portals in the instance. Once inside there are 4 channelers (at least on 10m) stolen from Alysrazor's trash. Our first attempt we focused one and the others blasted us with barage = fail. For take #2 we split up having one interuptor on each add (rogue stealth and warrior elap for the back ones) only interupting barrage, not the normal wussy cast while the remaining dps focused down the adds one at a time. Once adds are dead, mage touches the staff (lots of snickering in vent here :lol: ) to activate it. A big plant boss comes out sort of like a Freya tree buddy. He casts roots on everyone, we power cleansed while he immediately did a stomp, knocking the freed people out of the ballpark (homerun!). wipe #2, on to take #3. This time we cast aoe heals for the roots and don't cleanse till AFTER stomp. He does roots like every 20 secs or so, its pain. Supposedly there are adds that ranged needs to take care of, I was too busy to notice. After like ~4 or so root phases he gets to 10% and goes green. Victory - sort of... We were wondering huh? When suddenly the Tree dude channels converting the mage into another tree and summoning the REAL boss. The boss is 'focussed' on the mage so the rest of us gather behind the boss and burn. Lots of AOE dmg, and as it was unexpected most healers were low on mana and half the riad died by the time we downed him. The mage got his ph1 staff and a nice temporary title/buff for the effort. Now wait prolly 6 weeks for him to collect ash from bosses for the next part.
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Re: Legendary Staff Quest

Postby Frantica » Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:19 am

This is the info I posted in my guild. We wiped after each focus was complete in order to grab the next leg of the quest and have a full zone of bosses to get items off of.

Delegation quest info:

So in order to open the portal to the area where you fight volconos for the delegation quest you must first create 4 charged focus. A charged focus is made by using a null focus during aly/shannox/beth/rhyo specials. You create a null focus by collecting 3 fragments throughout the respective encounter. Below is a quick run down of what must be done for each fight.

Shannox - Each time a crystal prison trap is broken (Can be the dogs) one fragment drops. Collect 3 of these and then combine them into a null focus. Use the null focus near a throw spear circle to charge it. Pick up the charged focus.

Beth'tilac - Kill a drone and 3 fragments appear under the drone. Combine the three fragments into a null focus. Go up top on the web and drop the null focus just as beth is about to blow up. Drop down, go back up when it is time and collect charged focus.

Rhyolith - Collect the fragments that are near the edge of the island. It seems that rhyolith just throws them out from time to time. Combine them and put under his foot during a stomp so he can stomp on it. Collect the charged focus.

Alysrazor - Fragments drop from the hatchling eggs after the hatchlings spawn. Can only get 2 fragments per down phase so if we are going to just wipe on this one it would be better to just grab 2 fragments, then wipe. Grab the 3rd one at the start of the next attempt. Combine them into null focus, then drop the null focus as she is about to do her knockback. Collect the charged focus.
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